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MTL Liquids

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Shop for MTL Liquids online with our online vape store. Including nic salts and TPD compliant 10ml E liquids in a range of strengths.

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Our curated range of mouth to lung liquids mean we ensure we only stock the best flavour higher PG liquids. Ideal picks for those starting vaping, or those who need a nicotine hit. 

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What is an MTL Liquid?

An MTL liquid or Mouth to lung liquid is one that is made from higher propylene glycol (PG) and lower vegetable glycerin (VG). In simple language, this means less of the thicker cloud making liquid and more that carries flavour and nicotine. 

These are therefore a little runnier and vape perfectly in vape starter kits.

Why is it called a Mouth to lung e-liquid?

MTL liquid is called mouth to lung e-liquid as when inhaled, it involves a two-part process. The vapes used with this type of juice generally have a smaller narrower mouthpiece on their MTL tank. This narrow mouthpiece limits the amount of air that can be inhaled and requires the user to inhale a second time, to be able to draw the vapour into the lungs.

This is more closely aligned to a cigarette smoking inhale and is behind the origins of the MTL name.

MTL liquid vs DTL Liquid

Unlike the cigarette style inhale of an MTL liquid, DTL liquid is thicker and the type required for bigger clouds. If clouds are what you are looking for, then MTL e-liquid is not the first choice. 

If instead, a higher nicotine level and longer life vape is what you seek, MTL liquids work with kits that make that very suitable for these nicotine liquids indeed.

What is the Best MTL Vape Liquid?

Some of the biggest names in Vaping produce juice in the MTL e-liquid category. You may want to look out for Vampire Vape, Ohm Brew, Zeus Juice or Hangsen. If you want some real inspiration, read our guide on the best MTL liquid below: