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Shortfill vape juice and e-liquid are larger bottles and come in sizes of 50ml and 100ml. You simply add your desired amount of nicotine and away you go. Vapeology stock a huge range of shortfill e-liquids in a range of flavours, from top brands including Zeus Juice, MOMO, Anarchist and hundreds more. Browse through and find your flavour!

What are Shortfill E-Liquids?

Since the UK adopted the EU's TPD (Tobacco Products Directive), which states that any retailer can only sell bottles of up to 10ml if they contain nicotine. This means that any bottle of e-liquid over 10ml will require a nic shot or shots to make it up to the desired nicotine level. Simply add your nicotine and away you go.
Why not try our Nicotine Shot Calculator to get the mix just right?

How do you Add Nicotine to a Shortfill?

Start off by removing the cap of the shortfill bottle off, then the same with the nic shot(s), remove the cap and pour the nicotine straight into the bottle.
Replace both the nozzle and lid of the shortfill bottle and give it a good shake to mix the nicotine with the e-liquid, then your away fill your tank and enjoy the flavour of your favourite e-liquid!
It is recommend that each time before you fill your tank to give the bottle a good shake to keep it mixed properly.

How do you Increase the Nicotine Strength of a Shortfill?

If you add 2 x 18mg bottle of nicotine to a 100ml shortfill bottle, this will give you a 3mg nicotine strength. To make it up to 6mg of nicotine, you simply double the amount of nicotine and that will give you the 6mg required.