10ml Vape Juice

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Browse our collection of TPD compliant 10ml E-Liquids in nicotine strengths from 3mg to 20mg, in a huge range of flavours from top brands including Zeus Juice, Hangsen and Riot Squad. Find your favourite flavour at Vapeology.

How Many Cigarettes is a 10ml E-Liquid?

It's hard to give an exact answer to this question, but on average a 6mg 10ml bottle contains 60mg of nicotine which equates to an average of 100 cigarettes. 

How Long Does a 10ml Bottle of Vape Juice Last?

It's difficult to answer this question exactly as this depends on a number of factors including how frequently you vape along with how you actually vape. As a rule of thumb a 10ml vape juice bottle should last you around a week. This is because a 10ml bottle of 6mg e-liquid is equivalent to around 100 tobacco cigarettes.
You may find that when you first start vaping after giving up smoking, you may go through your vape juice quicker as you need to supress the cravings.