Dessert Flavoured Vape Juice UK

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If you are looking to buy dessert flavour e liquids online but need a little guidance for what is the best vape juice, or what to look for, then here's our key summary.

What are Dessert Flavour E Liquids?

Essentially, if it tastes like custard, jam roly-poly or lemon meringue pie, it's likely to be in this dessert flavour e liquid collection. Crazy as it sounds, some people in our stores tell us they like vaping dessert flavour e liquids to cut back on sweet tooth cravings.

What is the Best Dessert Flavour E Liquids?

The hottest and probably the best dessert flavour e liquids are coming from these two brands, that are worth a look at:

What makes the best dessert flavour e liquids?

For us, when it comes to picking the best dessert flavour e liquids, we care about 3 things first.

  1. Duration of flavour | Does the flavour linger after the exhale?
  2. Sickliness | Do we get put off by the flavour after an hour or so?
  3. The smell of the dessert flavour e liquid | Does the scent match the taste

This is our little rubric for finding the best dessert flavour e liquids, you may have your own, but we taste test a lot, and hope this has given you a little confidence that you can trust our curated collection.

How Many Nic Shots To Add To Dessert E-liquids in Shortfill?

If you want a little shortcut to finding the right number of nic boosters to add to a dessert flavour e-liquid shortfill, then our helpful link below should nail that question for you: