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Best Range Of Vape Tanks

For people new to vaping, understanding the difference between sub-ohm tanks and regular tanks can be confusing. And the wealth of choice is overwhelming. Vapeology is here to make sure you have the best vape experience every time and with recognised brands including Aspire, Horizon-tech, Smok and Uwell on our rostrum, we are confident of satisfying your needs.

Sub-Ohm Tanks

Sub-ohm tanks have a resistance of less than 1-ohm. As a result, the coil heats quicker and you take more vapour into your lungs and produce awesome vape clouds. Sub-ohm tanks have larger coils and are highly popular amongst vapers because they produce richer, intense flavours from your e-juice.

Regular Tanks

Regular tanks are recommended for vaping newbies because they are easier to use, cost-effective and discrete for use in public spaces. If you’re new to vaping, kicking off with a Regular tank is the sensible choice and enables you to determine what you most want from your future vape experience.

Sub-Ohm Tanks v Regular Tanks

Sub-ohm vaping is the most popular option among vapers because the tanks deliver a superior vaping experience. However, sub-ohm vaping requires some technical know-how which is not always appropriate for vapers that are new to the game.

Regular tanks are simple to use and much safer. The atomisers are also mouth-to-lung like cigarettes, whereas sub-ohm tanks send the vapour directly to your lungs which can take some getting used to.

Not sure which vape tank you want? No worries, our experts are here to help so do not hesitate to contact us. Get in touch and let us know what vaping experience you’re looking for and we’ll talk you through your best options. We’re here to make sure you have the right vape tanks that fulfil your vaping preferences.