50/50 Shortfill E-Liquids

50/50 e-liquids offer a smooth, enjoyable vaping experience with a 50% vegetable glycerine to 50% propylene glycol ratio. Ideal for mouth-to-lung vaping, they are compatible with pod kits or starter kits. Due to the TPD, nicotine-containing products are limited to 10ml bottles. However, 50/50 shortfill bottles are now available in larger 50 or 100ml bottles, suitable for low-nicotine strength vapers or those seeking nicotine-free options.

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Our selection of 50/50 e-liquids provides users with a combination of flavour, throat hit, and smooth clouds, all of which are well-balanced. These e-liquids, which have a ratio of 50% vegetable glycerine to 50% propylene glycol, provide a vaping experience that is both smooth and enjoyable. They are best suited for mouth-to-lung vaping, which involves inhaling the vapour through the mouth rather than the lungs. If you want the best possible vaping experience, choose one of our pod kits or starter kits and combine it with these e-liquids.

With the growing amount of vapers moving onto pod kits and refillable disposable devices, many have questioned whether 50/50 e-liquids are available in larger bottles. Due to the TPD, all products with nicotine are restricted to 10ml bottles; however, we now have 50/50 shortfill bottles available; this means you'll have vape juice compatible with your pod kits in a larger 50 or 100ml bottle. 
The main thing to consider when purchasing 50/50 shortfills is the nicotine strength you require; shortfills are only capable of reaching a maximum of 3mg nicotine strength when adding in nic shots. Therefore 50/50 shortfills are best suited to vapers on a low nicotine strength or those who want to go nicotine free.