MTL Vape Kits

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MTL Vape Kits, also known as mouth-to-lung electronic cigarettes, are one of the two main vaporiser styles on the market.

If you want to quit smoking and need a vape than closely resembles the action of smoking a cigarette, then an MTL vape kit is the answer. For many longer-term vapers who have tried the big cloud devices, it's the simplicity and affordability of mouth to lung vape kits, that bring them back.

MTL Vape Kits vs Sub Ohm - What the difference?

Sub Ohm Vape Kits are all about high power and bigger plumes of 'smoke', while a mouth to lung (MTL) vape pen or kit, is about narrowing the inhale tube, lower power and generally higher nicotine strengths. They are the perfect quit-smoking tool.

An MTL vape focuses less on clouds and more on smoking cessation. Because they use lower power, they carry a couple of advantages too.

What are the benefits of an MTL Vape Kit?

The lower power operation that we mentioned on an MTL vape kit, leads to a few wins:

  1. Longer battery life as less power means less battery drain.
  2. Less money spent on juice, as lower power means your vape tank drinks less vape liquid.
  3. MTL vape kit coils last up to 3-4 times longer than the alternative options.

So, the bottom line is that MTL vape kits don't just save you money from spending out thousands each year on cigarettes; they save money in comparison to larger vaporiser devices too. That's the benefit of a mouth to lung vape pen. 

What is the best MTL Vape Kit?

The best MTL vape kit is the one that meets your needs most. That could be the most durable, the cheapest, the smallest or the slimmest discreet vape pen. There's a reason for everyone. We put together a guide for you on this to help you find the best MTL vape kit:

What liquids for an MTL Vape Kit?

When it comes to identifying the right type of vape liquid for an MTL vape pen or kit, they will generally come in the smaller 10ml E liquid bottles.

The characteristics of the right liquid for a mouth to lung vape kit is:

  • High Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • Carries nicotine (Non-nic can work also)
  • Simpler flavouring
  • Appears runnier
  • Generally in regulated warning label affixed vape liquid bottles.