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CBD E Liquid Calculator

If you are looking for the right dosage of Cannabidiol (CBD) when it comes to vaping it, here at Vapeology HQ we have put our heads together and come up with a CBD E Liquid calculator that is evidence backed.

But first let's tackle some of the basics.

What is CBD E Liquid?

CBD E-liquid is essentially a vape juice, like any conventional vaping fluid, but without the nicotine and with CBD infused into the liquid. This liquid is then placed into a cartridge or tank and heated to create the vapour. This vapour when inhaled allows your body to absorb CBD into the blood stream.

How does your CBD E Liquid Calculator work?

Using information taken from a number of scientific sources such as PubMed on the bio-availability of cannabis vape liquids, we have been able to put together a simple guide on an average daily level of CBD e liquid to take.

Source: Pub Med 

Source: British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

What if I think I need to take more?

That may be the case, we are of course not medical professionals and this CBD e liquid calculator is here as a guide based on publicly known information. Ultimately, every person is different and every body processes nutrients and minerals at different speeds, depending on a range of factors such as:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Underlying Conditions
  • Genetic Predispositions
  • Gender

CBD E Liquid Calculator | What Concentration is my CBD?

If you are looking to determine with a CBD e Liquid calculator, what concentration your cannabis vape is. Here you go, simply pop in the bottle size and the total mg level and you can see the real strength per drop or CBD vape that you will receive.