Nicotine Shot Calculator UK

TL;DR - Vapeology's nicotine shot calculator is here to help you work out exactly what you need when it comes to identifying the right number of nicotine shots for a shortfill to add in the UK.

Nicotine Shot Calculator

What is a Nicotine Shot Calculator?

When you buy a large bottle of e liquid and it is sold in a nicotine free vape form, you may want to add nicotine shots to add a touch of nic. This can turn a zero nic vape juice, into a 1.5 mg or 3 mg, even up to 6mg if you needed.

But one 18mg nic shot won't do it, you may need a few. This is what our nicotine shot calculator is for.

Why are big bottles of e liquid sold in Zero nic?

In 2016 the UK and the EU implemented what is known as the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). Among many things, it limited the size of vape bottles to 10ml if they contained nicotine. This is why you now see big bottles of liquid with no nicotine. These products aren't regulated the same way and so it's common to see lots of big vape liquids with zero nic.

This is why a nicotine shot calculator is a useful tool. We can help you find out exactly how many nic shots you need for your shortfill with the aid of our free nic shot calculator too.

What strength nicotine e liquid should I use?

Massively common question and one we are asked regularly: "What strength nicotine e liquid should I use?" The answer comes down to a number of factors, not least because of how many cigarettes a day you currently consume.

Our nicotine calculator below, will help you work out either how many nicotine shots you need to add to your vape but also how much nicotine you need based on daily smoking amounts.

To keep it simple, here's a brief breakdown on our suggested nicotine strengths depending on smoking habit:

  • Smoking 0-4 Cigarettes = 0 - 3 mg 
  • Smoking 5-9 Cigarettes = 3 - 6 mg
  • Smoking 10-15 Cigarettes = 6 - 12 mg
  • Smoking +15 = 12 - 18 mg 

Ultimately, each kit can make higher or lower nicotine strength e liquids feel a little different, depending on power levels and the type of tank used. But for a general guide this is our uncomplicated suggestions. 

Shop for liquids below and use the filters to select the right nicotine strength e liquid for you:

How does the Nicotine Shot Calculator Work?

Very straightforward to use, you simply enter the size of the bottle, the strength you want in nicotine mg and it will tell you what you need to add.

Where can I buy nicotine boosters?

Under the nicotine shot calculator, we have added a link, click that, and you can shop away.

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