High End Vapes

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High-end vapes and custom mods are for a special breed of vaper. If you like to buy quality and want to know that what you buy now, is as good as it gets, then our range of advanced kits will suit you down to a tee. Featuring an ever curated collection of expert hardware and upgradeable kits, if you are looking to buy high-end vapes, then shop below.

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What is a high-end vape?

A 'High End Vape' is one that comes with advanced computing technology custom-built into the device. Many vaping kits use simple circuit boards to power their operation, whereas some feature advanced chips, such as the DNA mod ranges. These chips allow for upgradeable software which allows for the kit to improve performance and battery efficiency even after you have bought it. 

How this differs from a High St brand is the kits you see in your average shop can suffer from becoming outdated and out functioned quickly. While they still work well as a vaporiser, you may find you missed a trick by buying something and would rather have waited. High end vapes have advanced technology built-in, to allow your hardware to evolve even if it visually won't.

What are the best high end vape companies?

Some of the leading lights in the high-end vape world include names you will see stocked in our Ashford vape shop, and here online. These include the likes of Augvape, Lost Vape, Evolv, Asmodus, Dot Mod, Squid and more. Lost Vape is possibly one of the most popular names for custom mods, simply with their use of the DNA Evolv microchip. While they carry a heftier price tag, the quality comes with it too.