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Vaporesso Vape Pens & Kits

Vaporesso is one of a clutch of great vape brands, that is behind the manufacture of some of the most popular vaping products around the world. We take great pride in carefully selecting the right vape gear for our customers and feel confident in recommending the electronic cigarette hardware from Vaporesso.

Who are Vaporesso?

Founded in 2015, the Vaporesso brand stands for:

  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Commitment

Vaporesso seeks to stay committed to the industry, supporting it through safer vaping advocacy. Their desire to focus on innovation and quality in new vape products is evident in the aesthetics of their kits, such as the Swag, the Gen, GTX and Target kits. With a wide range of models and gadgets to suit all levels of vapers, you can do far worse than opt for a Vaporesso kit.

Where to buy Vaporesso?

If you are looking for a stockist of Vaporesso, or are googling, 'where to buy Vaporesso', then you should bookmark this page as we expand their range of available kits, mods and tanks you can buy from Vapeology. All Vaporesso products on site can also be bought and collected in-store too.

Which Vaporesso is best?

Like any vape, knowing which Vaporesso is best, is more about knowing what would be best for you. If you are after clouds, then the Gen or Swag range is likely the best Vaporesso. If you are more interested in higher nicotine fluids, nic salts are similar, then a pod kit like their Xros pen, or the GTX MTL vape kit, might be your favourite Vaporesso. 

Needless to say, Vaporesso kits are well-built, with a high-end finish - there is a broad range of products in their stable and while they may not be as top tier as a custom vape, they are truly a good company to consider.

What is Vaporesso good for?

Vaporesso similar to many of the household e-cig company names out there aims to work in the middle ground. This means they aim to service the mainstream audience. That means newer vapers or those who are just setting out on a cloud journey. 

Are there better high-end kits? Sure, but as high street brands go, Vaporesso holds its own. If you are new to vaping or looking to upgrade without breaking the bank, you will appreciate the look, feel, performance and price of Vaporesso.

Vaporesso Versus (Vs)

We know a lot of vapers like to compare Vaporesso, so here's our quick appraisal of how they stack up vs Smok or similar names.

Vaporesso vs Smok

Vaporesso vs Smok is best to be summed up in three ways:

  • Pricing
  • Build Quality
  • Range

Vaporesso wins when it comes to pricing against Smok, they produce products that seem to price better and at lower levels. Certainly not by vast numbers, but there is a saving. It could be because they are trying to carve out a name for themselves, but as the second comparison point discusses, Vaporesso is not producing lower quality products.

When we look at build quality, ideally you want to compare apples for apples, and Vaporesso's Gen Kit is built to far more robust specifications than a comparison kit such as the T-Storm from Smok. This makes the pricing discussion, all the more compelling. Vaporesso makes solid-looking, ergonomic and well-priced products.

Where perhaps Vaporesso vs Smok, sways to Smok, is with the quantity of range available to the latter, but when you are buying one kit at a time, it's probably not that important how big either company's range is. Vaporesso vs Smok? We like both, but each has its own strength.  Pod systems may go to the Big S, but pricing and build quality focus is definitely a win here for Vaporesso.

Vaporesso vs Aspire

Just as we did above,, we will look at the same rules for Vaporesso vs Aspire. Tanks are Aspire's domain hands down. There is not a contest here, but when it comes to pricing and build quality in kits, it's Vaporesso's win here. Vaporesso kits are built better and priced better than Aspirecig's own models. While we loved the old NX30 Rover kit, newer versions can not hold a candle to the GTX kit from Vaporesso.