The Best Vape Brand UK 2022

The Best Vape Brand 2022 UK | As Reviewed And Voted For

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The best vape brand will differ depending on what you are after from your vape. If you are wanting a steam train cloud, then you are unlikely to choose the best vape for beginners.

With so many options, it can be quite overwhelming to choose a vape brand. Which ones can you trust to give you want they say they will? Which ones are going to last?

We’re going to take you through some of the best vape brands for all you needs. Whether you are chasing cloud, looking for a high dose of nicotine, or on the hunt for one that’s budget friendly - we have you covered. 

Know what you want? Skip ahead to the best vape brand for you:

Best Vape Brand For Beginners

The best vape brand for beginners has got to be Innokin. Innokin is known for high quality, MTL kits and tanks that are perfectly suited to new vapers and those after high nicotine delivery. 

Innokin have come a long way over the years, from basic pen style starter kits to more advanced, but still simple, box mods. 

They really come into their own with their range of mouth to lung pods. That being said, they do offer devices which cross both styles of vaping. This makes Innokin an ideal choice for new vapers who either want something simple such as the Endura M18, or a kit that can grow with them, such as the MVP5 Mod. 

If mouth to lung vaping is a bit of you, then Innokin is certainly a brand to check out. 

Best Vape Brand For Cloud

The best vape brand for clouds was a tough call. In the end, we came to choose Geekvape. Geekvape are the creators behind the Aegis series, a collection that always comes up top when it comes to cloud. 

The modes and settings on Geekvape mods will vary, but many, such as the Aegis X, Aegis Max and Aegis Legend, all have adjustable airflow. Wide open airflow paired with high VG juice and a low resistance coil is going to be a winner when it comes to cloud. 

Just after a cloud tank? Check the Zeus X mesh. This is a tank is a variation of the original RTA and is designed to use mesh strips. This gives not only faster ramp up time, but also an increase in flavor and vapor too.

While Geekvape are known for their boxy mods, they do also have some neat little pocket cloud machines too. Take a look at the Aegis Boost if you are after a palm sized vape that doesn’t scrimp on cloud.

If we had a category on best vape for durability Geekvape also win there. While we wouldn’t recommend it, the devices have been run over and remained workable. If you work outside, or are just really clumsy and want something cloudy, this is a brand for you. 

Best Vape Brand For Pods

Basically all the vape brands have a pod kit in their collection now. But, we think one really takes the crown. That is SMOK.

SMOK is a brand that has bought out lots of iterations of their pod kits, upgrading them and improving each time. 

Take the Nord 1, Nord 2, Nord 4, Nord X. They just keep coming! SMOK is also responsible for the RPM range. The RPM range is a flavour fan’s dream. 

The reason why we gave it the best vape brand for pods, is not only the number of pods they have on the market, but because they’re actually good too. You can find MTL, DTL and some which offer both vaping styles. You can adjust settings, or keep it simple. 

Certainly a contender for the best vape brand for pod kits!

Best Vape Brand For The Money

We couldn’t write a best vape brand blog and not mention Aspire. Aspire is one of the leaders in the vape industry. They were the among the first to bring out a sub ohm tank and introduce a BVC coil, which led to the innovation of adjustable airflow. 

We rate Aspire for their quality devices and the fact they are reasonably priced. 

If you are a new or intermediate vaper looking for your first vape or a little upgrade for an all day vape, then you might want to have a look at Aspire’s range. There are lots to choose from including pod kits, pens and mods. 

The kits are suited to all types of vapers too. Whether you are after a MTL draw, a direct lung hit, or an entry into sub ohm, there is an Aspire for you. 

They don’t only make kits though. Aspire also makes tanks and coils. Again, these are reasonably priced and the quality you’d expect from the brand.

Best Vape Brand For Flavour

The best vape brand for flavour has to be Uwell. Uwell’s coils are built with taste buds in mind and are known for long lasting flavour. The Uwell Crown series has been a much loved tank by vapers wanting rich flavour with every vape.

Uwell is known for their Pro-FOCS flavour technology which is designed to enhance the flavour of your e-liquid. It does this by recycling drawn airflow through the atomiser’s core to give the condensed flavour a boost. 

Aside from flavour, Uwell is also loved for high quality designs and builds. The brand has equipment to suit new vapers, such as the Caliburn G, all the way to experienced vapers with the Valyrian 2 tank. 

Summary of the best vape brand

There you have 5 of the best vape brands that we know and love for different reasons. Whether you are looking for a cloud machine or a budget vape, you’ll find a brand above that will suit your needs. 

Still stuck for what is the best vape brand for you? Ask us! 

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