Regulated Vape Mods

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Vapeology care about your vaping experience and sell a wide range of high-quality regulated mods from top brands to ensure you get maximum pleasure!

We stock regulated mods by Endless Mods, Voopoo, Lost Vapes, Aspire, Smok, Eleaf and more. Order online today and you will be vaping to your heart’s content in a day or two.

Regulated Mods For UK Vaping 

Advanced vape mods are manufactured to the highest specifications. All our regulated vape mods have been safety tested and feature variable settings to give you more control and enjoyment from your vaping experience.

Variable Power Regulated Mods

First-time vapers are advised to invest in a variable-power regulated mod that has been passed for safety. The advanced circuitry, reliability and durability of these devices mean you will get the most from your virgin vaping experience with minimal adjustments.

Regulated Safety Features

Variable mods have safety features which prevent overheating and ensure devices don’t misfire. And with controls that enable you to adjust the temperature, nicotine output and wattage, you can customise your vape experience to suit your preferences.

Benefits of Regulated Vapes?

  • Gives you more control to engineer the perfect vape
  • Fine-tune intensity and quality
  • Atomisers have optimal power requirements
  • LCDs screens provide information about wattage, battery, and safety features
  • Keeps maintenance to a minimum

Why buy a Regulated Mod?

  • Mech mods deliver the ultimate vaping experience
  • Enjoy a rich, premium taste
  • Wider access to premium quality parts and e-liquids
  • Stronger, durable and reliable
  • Potential to increase battery life
  • Long-lasting and cost-effective

*Warning: Only buy a box mod if you understand the ohm’s law and know how to calculate the ratio between the flow of electric current and the level of resistance in the atomiser coil.

All of our regulated mods are 100% authentic and can be delivered UK wide within 1 to 2 working days.