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Mech Box Mods UK

Unregulated Vape Mods

Many vapers reach the unregulated vape mods turning point. That comes when you want to experience a superior vape without a steep learning curve. Unregulated mods, otherwise known as Mech mods provide the solution. With reliable brands such as Vgod, Vandy Vape, Vaperz Cloud plus many more at your disposal, there are plenty of unregulated mods to help you broaden your vaping horizons.

Are These Mechanicals or Mech Mods?

Unregulated mods are also known as the following:

  • Mechs 
  • Mech Mods
  • Mechanicals
  • Mechanical Mods

There is a wide range of names for unregulated vape mods, but they all boil down to the same thing. Strip away the fancy features and make something that is purely about user control through the coil build.

What's the difference between regulated and unregulated vape mods?

Whereas regulated mods contain several features such as a circuit board, variable voltage or wattage settings to regulate the current, unregulated mods have practically zero features whatsoever. All they have is a coil wired attached directly to a battery. It may not sound much but the results are surprisingly awesome! If you want more flavour from your e-juice or hope to create bigger vape clouds, mech mods are the simple way to go.

What Does Unregulated Mean?

The absence of 'regulating features' such as power cut-off modes, or max wattage levels is what makes a mech mod, an unregulated.

What's the benefit of an unregulated vape mod?

The key benefit of an unregulated vape mod, is they give you the ability to create a vape rig you can fine-tune to suit your vaping preference - without having to invest in expensive sub-ohm box mods.

You will need some understanding of basic physics - such as ohms law, and learn how to assemble an atomiser, but if you like tinkering, customising your vape experience is not too difficult and much more satisfying. You may find reading our guide to ohms law and mechanical safety helpful first:

How much do unregulated mods cost?

Unregulated mods are generally regarded as more durable than regulated mods and with no displays or safety features leeching the power, everything the battery has is reserved for producing flavoursome vapour and glorious vape clouds. Mech mods are the most cost-effective way to take your vaping experience on to the next level. If you need some advice, our experts are waiting to provide you with all the answers.

Why Buy Unregulated Mods?

  • Customise your vaping experience
  • Enhance e-juice flavours
  • Create impressive vape clouds
  • Upgrade battery performance
  • Cost-effective