Variable Wattage Mods

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Variable wattage mods or variable voltage vapes were once the highest of the high tech vaporisers to buy. These days, more vape devices than not offer variable power in some form. We have listed a range of the best variable wattage mods to take your vaping to a new level.

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Why Buy Variable Wattage Mods?

A variable voltage vape allows a vaper to customise their vaping experience. The changes in voltage or wattage allow for greater cloud production, deeper and warmer flavours, or just a stronger throat hit while using lower nicotine levels.

There a range of benefits normally listed as well as a couple more such as:

  • Reducing E-Liquid Consumption
  • Reducing Battery Drain

By being able temper down the voltage of the vape you are using less battery life and vaporising less liquid for every hit. This means more life between charges and more liquid between refills.

What is Variable Wattage Vape?

A variable wattage vape at its very heart is one where you can turn up or turn down the power. Too high and you can burn out your coils, as well as draining the battery and liquid quickly - too low and it will feel like nothing is happening. Between the two, however, has much variability.

What does voltage do on a vape device?

An electronic cigarette runs using a current in a circuit. Most vapes fire between 3.3 to 3.8 volts. By being able to adjust the voltage you can have a direct effect on the vaping experience. Without the voltage being present, the vape device just won't work.

What is the best wattage to vape at?

We are often asked what is the best wattage to vape at and with variable power or variable wattage mods, you do have the luxury of being able to modify the vaporiser. However, quite how high or low you should set the wattage at will be determined mostly by the coil used.

Inside the tank attached to the vape will be a vape coil, which will have resistance. This resistance controls how quickly the coil heats up and can either increase or decrease the cloud and the flavour. Most coils will advise the right wattage for them, which should be engraved on the side of them or on their original packaging.

We have gone into more depth on how wattage works at our guide below:

Is it bad to vape at high wattage?

While 'high' is, of course, subjective in that, what is high to me maybe low to you - but if by high you mean above the recommended wattage for the coil, then here are some of the likely outcomes:

  • Coils burn out quicker
  • Battery fades faster
  • Juice runs out sooner
  • Flavour tastes burnt

None of these are winning results and we recommend always aiming to start with your wattage around a level that produces a voltage read of 3.4 to 3.8 volts.

Is it bad to vape at low wattage?

While setting the variable wattage to too high a level can bring issues, so too can vaping at too low a wattage. What happens if you vape at low wattage?

  • Some vapes won't begin firing until the voltage reaches a certain level. So the downside of vaping at too low a wattage is the kit may not work
  • Negligible throat hit
  • Small cloud

Variable Voltage vs Variable Wattage Vapes

When it comes to variable voltage vs variable wattage vapes, there is one key difference. Vapes that allow for the adjustment of variable voltage, see the vaper set the desired volt level which then changes the wattage to meet that target. With variable wattage mods, the user sets the wattage, which will change the voltage but can move in smaller increments.

So what's better?

Well, neither is the answer. For those who have been vaping since the early days of the industry, there is a tendency to think in varying the voltage. While more recent entrants will look at wattage as what they want to change. 

Some vapers will have a voltage they prefer to vape it, regardless of vape kits. While if you favour thinking in wattage terms, your desired wattage will change depending on the coils you use. Nothing is better than the other, it's just what you feel more comfortable thinking in.

Variable voltage vs variable wattage is really a lot like thinking metric vs imperial measurements. They can all produce the same end result - a vape that you enjoy the most.

Is Variable Voltage Safer Than Variable Watts?

Potentially there is one advantage to newer users or in fact, any vaper with a device that looks at the variable voltage, and this is when it comes to coil issues.

If you have set your vape to fire at 3.7 volts which is therefore applying an appropriate wattage to achieve that result, the watts will move up or down if the coil suddenly freaks out.

Coils are simple pieces of metal and on occasion, they can give anomaly results. This would mean, if you were working only with fixed watts - say 80-100 and all of a sudden that 0.2-ohm coil read at 1.0 ohm - you would experience an awful dry hit and burned taste. Not pleasant and you would most likely need to throw away that atomiser as the taste won't likely leave it. 

Vari-volt vapes will ensure that experience doesn't happen, as it moves to the resistance.

What is the best variable wattage mod?

The flavour of the month changes all the time, but amongst the best variable wattage mods include kits from the likes of Geekvape, Lost Vape, Smok and Uwell. What makes the best variable voltage mods?

  • Great battery life
  • Removable batteries
  • Dual battery
  • Robust
  • Fast Charging

Picking the best variable wattage mods for you will include things personal to you too, such as colourway, design, how it feels in the hand etc. But if you want to really take advantage of variable power e-cigs, then a great battery capacity and access to good speedy charging is a great prerequisite

What vape liquid for variable voltage vape?

For the most part, vapers take advantage of variable voltage vapes to make bigger clouds and build a richer flavour. High VG liquids are better suited for variable wattage and vari-volts kits as their predominant vegetable glycerin levels are optimised for big plumes of vapour.

For a guide of the best VG flavours, check out our juice review guide below.