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Lost Vape is a manufacturer of advanced vaping mods and high-end vape products. If it says Lost Vape on the box, it's probably something to write home about.

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Maybe you've heard of Lost Vape, maybe you haven't, either way you are in the right place to buy Lost Vape mods online. 

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Who is Lost Vape?

Lost Vape is a vape manufacturer from China that began business in 2014. Founded by Frank Guo. Their focus is on high end, high quality and premium luxury vaporiser technology.

Is Lost Vape a good brand?

A quick glance on Google shows the high opinion that Lost Vape is held in. While they are not the cheapest mod makers, that isn't their goal. They use some of the latest chip technologies, such as DNA chipsets, to produce the best vape gadgets. If you are looking for one of the best e-cig manufacturers, Lost Vape are likely to be up there.