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Discreet Vape Mods UK

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Best Discreet Vape Mods

For whatever you need a small vape pen for, and it's not always going to be for a secret nicotine hit, we curate a constant shoppable collection of discreet vape mods and kits that are a bit smaller than normal.

Why buy a discreet vape?

Let's be honest, sometimes you just don't want a vape the size of a brick. Whether it's for dexterity and ergonomic reasons, the size of your handbag or pockets, for many vapers, a small vape or discreet vape mod does the trick.

If you need a small e-cig, or mini vape that doesn't cost the earth and weigh it as well, then you could do with a backup kit, such as these great discreet vapes. With prices from as low as £10, you have something you can handily stow in a pocket or coat and if it gets lost while being washed down with 10 pints of lager in the pub, it's not the end of the world. A discreet vape mod is a good choice for holiday for the same reason.

What makes a discreet vape mod?

A discreet vape is really anything that doesn't leave a trace in terms of visibility of the kit, or the cloud. For us, we would suggest most pod kits fall into the category of a discreet vape, as would most starter style liquids with their lower cloud production. While many vape pens are of a discreet size, there are of course those that are larger, heavier and very cloudy in comparison. 

If you want some confidence that when you're wondering where to buy a discreet vape, you will get just that - this is why put this page together.

What's the best discreet vape mod?

The landscape of discreet vaporisers and stealth vapes changes all the time, but some of the best discreet vapes are those which are made in pod or pen form. The disposable electronic cigarettes are a good shout too, but brands such as Aspire, Smok and Caliburn creator, Uwell are the principal names.

Caliburn is a range of slim vape pens, that are manufactured by e-cig brand Uwell and aren't just great for discretion, they are superb as starter vapes too. If you are looking for some inspiration on the best choices for newbies, check out the link below: