Fruit Flavour E-liquids

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If you are searching for any of the following e-liquid phrases, you may have found yourself here:

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They all lead to the same place, which is here - our curated collection of the best fruit vapes online.

What are the best fruit flavour e-liquids?

Blueberry, strawberry, lemon and lime (weirdly) are amongst some of the best fruit flavour e-liquids in the UK. Probably the world. But when it comes to fruit e-liquids, the options are practically infinite.

Pear, mango, apple and grape liquids do well too, if you have a sweet tooth, but not so sweet that you want to vape cake, then fruits are a really refreshing way to get your smoking cessation, without the tobacco flavour aftertaste.

What nicotine strength fruit flavour e-liquid do I get?

Picking the right nicotine strength fruit flavour e-liquid will be a little bit of personal preference, and a fair bit of what you find pleasant.

If you want some idea on picking the right nicotine strength for you, then our calculator widget below may be very helpful: