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Replacement Vape Pods UK

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You don’t want to be without your vape juice

E-liquids don’t last forever. True story. The good news is replacement pods are easily accessible from Vapeology. And we’re committed to stocking all the pods you need so you never have to worry about missing out on a vape day. We stock all the top brands including Zeltu, Orchid, Jwell so order online today and you’ll have your replacement pods the next day. We don’t mess about!

Convenient Vaping Cartridges

Pod mod systems are highly innovative and sophisticated systems. Compact, reliable and portable, they provide a convenient solution for vapers to chug in public. The only issue is that pods only hold 0.5ml e-liquid so they run out pretty quickly. Replacements pods offer a simple and convenient solution.

Easy To Use

Pod mods use a simple snap-in-snap-out mechanism. Replacing e-liquid cartridges is so easy, a granny could do it - even if she’s no idea what a vape mod is. Once your e-liquid has dried up, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Non-refillable pods are disposal so an go straight in the bin. Refillable cartridges will give you 3 or 4 refills before you need to change them.

Abundant Choice of E-Liquid Flavours

The rising trend in compact, non-disposable vaping devices has prompted e-juice makers to improve the selection of flavours. Choose from fruity, menthol, and replica sweet flavours, alcohol-flavoured, or dessert-flavoured; we’ve got an impressive selection of high-quality blends to choose from, so feel free to pick and choose whatever flavours you want to sample.

Why Buy Replacement Pods?

  • Never run out of e-liquids
  • Vapeology provide next day delivery*
  • Easy to use
  • Acceptable cloud levels for public use

*Orders before 12pm on weekdays are dispatched immediately but may take two days depending on the postal service.