• Meet The Team

    Behind Vapeology stands a dedicated team committed to your well-being. We are more than just an online store; we are your partners in the journey to a healthier lifestyle. Meet our vaping experts who bring their passion and knowledge to guide you through every step of your vaping experience.

  • Matt - Owner

    Matt created Vapeology back in 2014. Due to a family death caused by smoking, Matt couldn’t continue on the stinkies and searched for a solution.

    Once he had stumbled across vaping he immediately wanted to spread the word and help more people leave cigarettes in the dust and make the switch to vaping.

  • Shane - General Manager

    Shane is our longest standing member of the team joining back in 2017, now the general manager of Vapeology he spends most of his time in the office conducting work on our website, dealing with customer service and most likely pretending to work hard.

    All jokes aside Shane is sure to be of assistance if you have any issues with your orders and excels in providing top quality customer

  • Phil - Store Manager

    Phil and Shane have played a big part in growing Vapeology.

    Phil now runs the Shop floor of our store in Ashford. When visiting our Ashford store

    He with be sure to make you laugh and help you with all your vaping needs.

  • Damien 'Damo' - Sales Assistant

    Damo is sure to greet you with a smile and is always down for a laugh and a joke. When Damo first joined the team he was known as Mr Sparkles as he would spend much of his time cleaning and polishing, so much so that we debating buying him a maids outfit, too much? Yeah I agree!

  • George - Sales Assistant

    George is relatively new to the vaping retail scene but is highly adaptable and is learning extremely quickly. George is a part of our sales team and will greet you when you enter our Ashford store, helping you to find which ever vape, coil or e-liquid you require.