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What's The Safest Vape?

What's the safest vape

Shane Motton-Sellens |

TL:DR | We are going to answer what's the safest vape juice, pen, device and mod. Buying in the UK gives you some solid safety protection, with the existing vape regulations (TPD) - but we cut through the small print to help you understand what to look for.

What makes a safe vape?

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You’ve probably heard horror stories of hardware exploding or catching fire. Or maybe attention grabbing headlines about unsafe liquids. Hearing stories like this going to lead you to ask the question, what is the safest vape?

Let’s break this question down into what are the main things you need to look for in your vaporiser, to ensure that it is safe.


A regulated mod or e cig is one of the safest vapes as it has a circuit board built in to protect the user. This would have features such as power cut off modes and max wattage settings.

Regulated mods do not give you so much freedom with reaching the peaks of cloud and flavour, however they are safer if you aren’t into tinkering with electronics. Un regulated mods require a little extra knowledge and aren’t just a case of plug in and go.

It doesn’t mean that both types can’t be safe, you just need to be a little more careful with setting up and using the unregulated.

Clone vs Genuine Mods

Unfortunately there are a fair few fakes on the market. While you might feel like you are getting a great deal, they are fakes for a reason. They’ll not have gone through the rigorous testing that the genuine brand would have. They also may not have the safety chipset that you would get with the actual brand.

You can check the authenticity of your device using the unique serial code on the box and entering it into the brands website.

So, what is the safest vape mod?

safest vape mod

In a nutshell, the safest vape for someone who is a new or intermediate vaper is a regulated and genuine device. These would have had to go through testing to keep up with the standard of the brand. They will also feature safety chipsets and settings to keep the kit protected.

One of the safest vape mods would be the Oxva XLIM devices we sell here

How does it work?

The Oxva XLIM device works on a simple draw technology and is powered by a single 900 mAH battery. The 2ml tank is best topped up with your thicker and lower nicotine juices as resistance dips below 1ohm.

Spec of this tech for safety

  • Waterproof, dust proof and shock proof
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overheat protection
  • Overcharging protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Driven by a single 900 mAH battery
  • Comes with its own USB C cable to charge
  • Extensive temperature control suite

This is just one example and you can be certain that we only stock great vape devices that have been tried and tested. This device is a popular one with new and established vapers but we always have a great choice of others and stock is regularly updated. See more sub ohm vape kits that are built with safety, protection, durability and design all in mind.

Which is the safest vape pen?

A vape pen is a pen shaped device that is designed for vaporising juices. These are simpler than your mods and mostly do not have different settings such as temperature control and modes.

They will still have features to keep your battery safe. However, there are things you can do to make sure you keep a vape pen or a mod safe.

An example of the safest vape pen would be what we recently crowned:

Vape Buyers Guide

How does it work?

The XROS 3 is either draw or button activated. It works off an internal 1000mAh battery and is limited in terms of settings, keeping things nice and simple. There is no need to make adjustments to temperatures or wattage.

Spec of this tech for safety

  • Comes with its own type C USB to use
  • 5 clicks on and 5 clicks off to prevent pocket firing
  • Settings are fixed

Here is just one example. See more vape pens that are built to a high standard with safety protection.

How to keep your vape safe

  • Replace the batteries if they become wet or damaged
  • Do not charge the device using your mobile or tablet charger
  • Keep your loose batteries in a spare case so they cannot conduct in your pocket
  • Avoid charging your vape overnight
  • Use a device with safety features
  • Don’t keep your vape in a hot environment, such as your car on a warm day

Vape safety for mechanical mods

When you are using a mech and building your own coils you need to make sure you have a solid understanding of ohms law. You will also need to test your coils using an ohm metre before you do the install.

We go into much more depth in our blog about mech mod safety, which you should 100% check out if you are into this type of device.

What is the safest vape temperature?

Some mods have temperature control mode. This means that you can define the temperature you want to keep the coil at.

When you are using a regulated mod with TC mode, the temperature would be protected so that you cannot overheat the coil.

With temperatures it is quite a personal choice. You will want to find your own sweet spot for the e-liquid you are using within the range of your device.

There has been some discussion on whether vaping at high temperatures can cause ingredients in vape juice to form formaldehyde. However, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has researched to debunk these myths.

What is the safest vape juice?

What's the safest vape juice

The safest vape juice is going to be a quality product that contains ingredients that are regarded safe to vape.

Here are a few of the safest vape juices from reputable brand:

  • Heisenberg by Vampire Vape
  • Honey and Cream Tobacco - Moreish Puff
  • Watermelon Slices - Dinner Lady

Your vape juice will contain:

  • Vegetable Glycerine - This is a thick ingredient which is found in liquids. It is added for big clouds and a smooth throat hit
  • Propylene Glycol - This is the thinner ingredient which gives you a throat hit, which you’d find similar to smoking tobacco
  • Flavourings - Flavourings in vape are considered ‘food grade’ flavourings
  • Nicotine (if required)

Make sure when you buy a new juice, that it is from a reputable seller or brand. You also want to remember that while cheaper juice might save you a few pounds, it isn’t always of the best quality. Check the labels to see the ingredients, which should be PG, VG, flavourings and sometimes nicotine.

Quick note on popcorn lung

You may have heard of popcorn lung, which is the reason you are googling what is the safest vape juice. Popcorn lung, also known as bronchiolitis obliterans, is an illness that may be caused by inhaling a chemical used to flavour microwave popcorn.

The nickname came about when workers at a popcorn factory came down with bronchiolitis obliterans.

There is no evidence to suggest that vaping causes this illness. In fact, there have been no reported cases of vapers suffering from it.

While on the topic of safe vape juice, we need to tell you what to avoid and what to look for as a red flag:

  • THC vape (such as Dank Vapes) - Vaping THC has been linked to a mysterious lung disease which comes about when you inhale oil into the lungs.
  • Do not add additional ingredients to it
  • Avoid buying hardware or vapeables from ’dealers’
  • Never fill up your tank with anything other than vapeable liquid designed for vaporising

Can you vape too much?

When you have a really delicious flavour you might find yourself chain vaping. Vaping too much can cause you a few issues, but generally it shouldn't be dangerous. Just might make you feel a bit rubbish.  

Puffing too much may have the following effects:

  • Lightheaded and dizzy
  • Sick - particularly if vaping a high nicotine dose
  • Coughing
  • Dry mouth
  • Vapers tongue (This is where the flavour seems to disappear)

Is it safe to smoke vape juice?

Vaping juice is said to be 95% safer than smoking tobacco products such as cigarettes. This is a statement made by Public Health England. In fact, vaping is now suggested as a way to quit smoking by the NHS as it is safer than cigs.

Cigarettes contain 7,000 chemicals, many of which are toxic. In the UK, smoking is the cause of around 78,000 deaths each year and can cause over 50 diseases and illnesses.

Using a vaporiser is thought to be much safer, though long term studies are ongoing.

safer vaping tips

Is e-liquid tobacco

No, vape liquid is not tobacco. Tobacco is a plant which contains nicotine. E-liquid is a man made product containing VG and PG, flavourings with added nicotine if required.

When tobacco is burned it releases thousands of chemicals, which are inhaled by a smoker. Vapeable juice does not contain these chemicals.

What kind of eliquid has no nicotine?

Any liquid for your vaporiser which you buy in the UK with a volume over 10ml will be 0mg due to regulations. Your 50ml or 100ml shortfills will most often be high ratio VG with space to add nic shots as, and if, required.

Vapeable juice in 10ml bottles can also contain 0mg nicotine. Mostly these will have a higher ratio of PG making them thinner and more suited to simpler vaporisers. In the UK the top limits for nicotine is up to 18mg, or 20mg in nicotine salt eliquid.

Is it safe to vape while pregnant?

Vaping while pregnant is not recommended. Nicotine may cause problems for the baby's development of the brain, lungs and heart. If you are pregnant and trying to quit smoking, then chat with your doctor who can recommend some alternative ways to quit smoking.


The safest vape is one that is genuine. Hands down. Never buy knock off liquids or hardware or you may pay a much higher price in the long run.



Elli-jon Short,


Elli-jon Short,

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