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Geekvape kits and tanks, coils and pod mods represent a step up in electronic cigarette quality compared to many other vape kit brands. Geekvape perfectly blends affordability, with durability, finish and performance. 

All Geekvape vape mods and kits are available to use our fast delivery service, which offers overland UK  that is tracked and next-day, free when you spend £40.

Who are Geekvape?

Geekvape began life in 2015 in Shenzhen, China and quickly gained a foothold of respect in the US vape market. Their brand means more than just being a geek at vaping, but it's actually a monicker for: 'Genuine Innovators', 'Enthusiasts' and 'Expert Knowledge'. 

A lot of vape brands talk about doing things differently, to give them their credit, they do. They have 10 offices in 10 countries around the world, as well over 2 million social media followings and 30 million-plus customers since launch. That's who Geekvape is.

Is Geekvape a good brand?

For their price point, they aren't the cheapest, but they also aren't so pricy that you can't get yourself a great Geekvape mod. Their kits have been durability tested famously by Youtube vape reviewer, Rip Trippers - he drove over the Aegis mod in a monster truck.

Geekvape Aegis 1 - Monster Truck 0

As well as being durable, their features include:

  • IP 67 Waterproof standard
  • Custom-built AS Chip

Geekvape mods look great, vape great and last well. Yes, Geekvape is a good brand.

What's the best Geekvape Mod?

Everyone has their own priorities when it comes to picking the best Geekvape mod. If you are looking for great entry-level devices, then you'll probably like the Boost pod mods, if you like something with more whack then you may want to bookmark this review to see when Geekvape mods enter this hit list:

How long do Geekvape coils last?

How long Geekvape coils last is dependent on several factors:

  • Do you chain vape your Geekvape kit?
  • What wattage you are using
  • What VG/PG liquid you are using
  • Whether you have a sweetener laden fluid

If you are chain vaping, and using a thick, sucralose vape juice, on high power and giving the coils limited time to reabsorb, then you are going to be lucky if you get a week. But if you are sensible, think about what you're doing, then on some of the MTL vape kits, you can get a good couple of weeks, before needing to change Geekvape atomiser.

With any Geekvape vape coil, it is often the user that makes the difference. 

Do Geekvape kits have a warranty?

Geekvape kits all come with a 90-day manufacturer warranty as standard, from date of provable purchase. This means you can be assured that if for some reason you cannot get through to us, simply contacting Geekvape direct will enable you to exercise your warranty.

How can I determine the authenticity of Geekvape Kits?

Just as you can do with the warranty, a simple trip to the link above will show you an authenticity link, enabling you to pop in the code from your box to double-check your consumer approved Geekvape kit. We only stock from genuine Geekvape distributors based in the UK.