Best Vape For High VG

Best Vape For High VG

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TL;DR The best vape for High VG, really just means for most, 'What's going to give me the biggest clouds?'. And that my friends, is exactly what we will review in this best vape for high VG guide. 

What's the best vape for High VG?

I guess before we crack on with throwing up some of the ideal kits, what are also known as sub ohm vape kits, it's probably best if I quickly explain three of the most commonly related questions, when learning about the best vape for high vg liquids.

What does High VG mean?

VG or vegetable glycerin is a thick gloopy liquid that is used in making vape juice, it's also used in cough medicine as it's non toxic and said to have soothing properties.

Source: US National Library of Medicine

Why is VG used in e-liquid?

It's use is in large part that it helps to create thicker clouds and can handle higher temperature running through it, without it turning into a boiling liquid.

It's considered safe by the US FDA.

What is a Sub Ohm Vape Kit?

We have put together a useful guide all about how sub ohm differs from conventional vaping. Check it out here:

In a nutshell, sub ohming means to use a device that runs at higher powers to produce a warmer vape or thicker cloud. In many cases it is needed to vaporise some of the bigger bottle style liquids on the shelves.

Best Vapes For High VG Reviewed

You got here, so let's talk break this down by useful sections. We are going to cover the following categories:

So that's something for beginners, something for the frugal, something tough, long life and discreet. That about covers most of the bases. Let's begin.

Best Vape For High VG Newbies

If you are looking for a vape that works with the thick stuff, and maybe you're new to it all, you could do worse than this recommendation. If you want some broader advice on new user kits - head here next:

The Smok Scar P5

Smok Scar P5 Review

The Smok Scar P5 is a pod system that can handle the thicker liquids, create a decent cloud without packing up on you.

Key Features
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to refill
  • New user friendly brand
  • Adjustable power
  • Sturdily built
  • Fast charging

The makers of the Scar are the brand Smoktech. They are a big name in the vaporiser industry with a known expertise in making easy to use vg friendly vapes. As new user items come for the thicker liquids, this is an affordable and slightly future proofed bit of kit. 


  • Single battery power means at higher performance levels, the battery will run out quicker than double battery kits
  • Capacity (legally) limited to 2ml
  • Less airflow than a conventional tank, which can hinder huge cloud production


As entry level vapes go for VG, this is our winner for the best vape for high VG.

Best Vape For High VG On A Budget

Who doesn't love a bargain? If cheap vapes are your thing, then we dug into our sack of secret vape champions to spot the best vape for high VG on a budget. The shoestring cloudchaser. 

Voopoo Argus 80 Watt Kit

Reviewed Kit

Keeping our purse strings tight doesn't mean we can't find ourselves a good piece of gadgetry. Here we have given the nod to the Voopoo Argus Pro 80 Watts. That's a lot of words to make up a name and it comes with a lot features too. The best part, it's got a lot going for itself and it absolutely won't break the bank. 

Key Features

  • Digital interface
  • Wider drip tip for bigger clouds
  • Bubble glass options
  • 3000mah built in battery
  • Big airflow


Okay, so it is a built in battery, which means in time, it's probably going to lose some of it's rechargeability and it will need replacing. But to be brutally honest, if it's given you good life for a good price, then you're likely to be okay with that. 


It's not got the world's biggest battery capacity, but it's not lacking either. With the Gene chip insider, it ramps up quickly and has a good range of coil options to ensure you vaporise that vg and get clouds. 

Go for it.

Best Stealthy Vape For High VG 

Mission impossible - you must make big clouds using only cloud friendly liquid but the kit must go undetected. This is our recommendation as the best in class - this category will self destruct after reading.

Smok RPM 2s

Review of Smok RPM 2S Kit for VG

Not everyone wants to cart around the national grid when trying to vapourise cloud juice. For those sensible people, then look no further than our Best Vape For High VG in stealth mode. 

The RPM 2 kit is a pod system, with variable power and the right level of coil options for the heavy lifting of vaping VG. This means it can enable sufficient power to hit the juice, so it doesn't feel like your sucking a golf ball through a hose.

Key Features

  • Variable wattage
  • Expandable pod capacities 
  • Fast charging
  • Works with a huge range of coils
  • Fast ramp up time
  • Looks pretty doesn't it?


One key one here, but that's part of why you might like it too. It's a small vape, it's meant to be small, which is why its our best discreet vape kit for clouds. But with that small size means a smaller battery size. If you are using it for high power, the 2000mah battery will drain a lot quicker.


It looks nice, it's small, so don't  expect a massive battery, but for a good all round vape, you can't really knock it. It can handle whatever is thrown at it liquid wise and as 'going out' vape it's probably the champ.

Best Long Life Vape For High VG

While our winner here is a mod not a kit, we had to highlight this one below. It's got a mammoth battery and it moonlights as a power station during world crisis.

Okay that's not totally true, but it's a monster.

Innokin MVP 5 Mod

mod review of innokin mvp 5

The Innokin Ajax MVP 5 mod, is versatile enough to be used with any vape tank providing it has a 510 connector, but there isn't much else out there in terms o battery power, and battery focus.

It's got a mammoth 5000mah battery and has reversal ports, so it can be used as a power bank too. That means if you're out and about and your phone is running low - you guessed it, call on this beast. That's why this is our best vape for high vg when big battery life is needed.

Key Features

  • HUGE battery
  • Works as a powerbank
  • Sturdy
  • Variable power
  • Great when paired with sub tanks such as the Falcon King etc
  • Innokin known for reliability


Well we are recommending a mod only in this category but sometimes the tanks that come with the best mods, can be a little lacking. Like all Innokin products, what you get with reliability, you also pay for with pound notes. They can be a little pricier.


Innokin don't bring out huge numbers of products, they prefer to take their time to make something quality that lasts. So while this big vape for battery life is more expensive a choice than others, it's likely going to last you twice as long too. 

If you want a vape mod that's an absolute work horse - this is the one.

Best Vape For A Building Site - VG

We decided to give an award for this category as there are a lot of vapers who work outdoors, or in industrial environments, places where things take a bashing. Sometimes it's moisture that can damage kits, sometimes it's a meeting with the floor. Here's our top pick for the best vape for a building site.

Smok Scar P18

Reviews of Devices

The Smok Scar P18 is the big sibling to the pod version above. It's solid, its cloudy and it would do more damage to the floor than it to the kit. (Possibly - but try not to tempt it)

With its dual battery set up, using external and replaceable 18650 batteries, you've got a kit with a fabulous VG friendly tank and a ton of horsepower behind it. 

Key Features

  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • Dual battery
  • 230 watt mod
  • Top fill tank
  • Comes with the TFV9 Subtank
  • Dustproof
  • Uses mesh coils for added flavour


If you don't mind the box shape which is an inevitability of having two 18650 batteries needing to be slotted up its rear - can't find any.


As per the downsides section - this is more than just the best vape for a building site, this is our outright winner as best vape for high vg.

Review Done

That's it, that's our best vape for high vg review done for you. If you want some guidance on where to go next, why not check out some deals on juices. Click the banner below or this link here:


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