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Best Vape Pen For CBD oil

Whats the best vape pen for cbd oil

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TL;DR: When we say CBD oil we mean CBD vape juice, but for ease here, we will call it CBD oil. The right pen, is often the simplest ones out there. In this best vape pen for CBD oil guide, we will break down what you should look for and our top pick.

What is CBD Vape Oil?

CBD vape oil is a vapable e-liquid, that is infused 'generally' with CBD isolate. There are other versions of Cannabidiol (CBD), such as full spectrum and broad spectrum, which we will come to in a moment. Isolate, is a 99.9% crystal/powder form of the CBD plant extract and contains very little else.

What is cbd vape oil

It is added to vape liquid and mixed. When it settles, it is good to vape. That's what CBD oil is.

What is Broad and Full Spectrum Vape Juice?

In short, these are versions of CBD that have been filtered less intensively and contain other plant extracts known as terpenes. Terpenes potentially have their own beneficial properties and exist in every plant. Cannabis plants have their own most commonly seen terpenes.

Source: Therapeutic and Medicinal Uses of Terpenes

Full spectrum sources, while sold in the UK have less than the legal 0.2% THC amounts, can still trigger a false positive on a drug test. NOTE: Broad spectrum CBD and Isolate do NOT trigger THC readings as they are produced in a way that removes it.

What's the best cbd oil to vape then?

For some who work in careers that carry random drug testing, we advise not vaping CBD products made from full spectrum sources, simply because some tests can detect even the faintest presence of THC. 

Things to look for when picking a liquid after deciding on the best vape pen for CBD oil are as follows:

  • Strength mg / ml
  • Concentration
  • Bottle Size
  • Flavoured or Unflavoured
  • VG/PG ratio
  • Source of CBD
  • Price 
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How much does CBD vape oil cost?

CBD vape oil, will vary in price, this is due to the source of CBD, the addition of terpenes, the flavour quality, strength and size of the bottle. As well of course, as the brand that makes it. 

We generally see our biggest sales in the 500-1000 mg range as many find this is a bit stronger than a supermarket purchased product.

Now, to the best vape pen for CBD oil advice.

What is the best vape pen for cbd oil?

The best vape pen for CBD oil, really does not need to be an overly complex or expensive piece of hardware.


CBD vapes easily at lower temperatures, therefore lower power. Lower power, means a smaller battery is fine. All of this combines to describe some of the entry level vaporisers on the market.

What makes a great vape pen for CBD oil?

  • Affordable
  • Easy to change coils
  • Easy to fill tank
  • Leak resistance
  • Low power
  • Rechargeable battery

Now, we appreciate everyone has their own opinion on what makes the best vape pen for CBD oil. While there are some pre-filled disposable vape versions for CBD vaping - which are certainly easy to use, we think the contender below is the best shout right now. (November 2020)

Introducing the Uwell Caliburn G Pod Kit

The Best Pen For CBD Oil - Caliburn G

best vape pen for cbd oil
You may have seen us cover this vape kit in a recent guide. In fact, check it out next if you like:

This simple, sleek, easy to use pen/pod system, makes vaping Cannabis, really affordable. You don't need a great big paperweight to vape CBD oil, just the right advice. Let's get into more detail.

What makes it the best pen for CBD Vape Oil?

To make it easier to breakdown, let's bullet what makes this pod device stand out:

  • Draw AND button activated
  • Low price
  • Small and discreet
  • Low power for CBD liquid conservation
  • Refillable
  • Fast charging
  • Respected brand

There are a lot of products on the market that work fine as a cannabis oil vape, but we want to highlight this little gadget, that's mere weeks old as of November 2020 and works great if you have dexterity issues with your fingers.

We know there are a lot of people who take CBD for arthritis, particularly after Arthritis.org site reported many (but not all) sufferers had used it and reported reductions in pain. If hand or finger pain is an issue, a draw activated vaporiser is a good choice then

Source: Arthritis.org - CBD for Arthritis Pain

Low Power For CBD Liquid Conservation Spells Affordable

With it's simple vaping power levels, it doesn't devour the liquid filled into it. This means you get more vape for longer, as the battery doesn't drain as fast as something that is built for cloud competitions.

Lower power means you also will need to charge it less frequently too. Great if you are only looking to use it occasionally each day.

The fast charge port using Type C, is an extra enhancement, it means when it does run low, it has the latest charging abilities on the market.

Who would like this vape pen?

  • People with hand/finger joint issues
  • Someone who wants something discreet
  • Anyone looking to keep the costs down, but not scrimp on quality

Our best vape pen for CBD oil verdict

The Caliburn pen really is a little bit perfectly suited for the job. If you want to see a bit more about that, or buy it online, click the image above to take you straight there.

Like these kind of guides and not done learning yet? 

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