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Best Vape Juice Review

Best Vape Juice UK Review

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TL;DR - If you are forever searching for the best vape juice and can't quite find the top e-liquid for you, then here we are going to make life easier. This is our complete guide to the very finest flavours the vape liquid world has to offer. Stick around and and see which ranks as the number 1 ejuice for 2021.

Best Vape Juices For 2021

We have scoured our collections of 10ml, 100ml, Shortfills, nic salts and 50/50 e-liquids to find the very best vape liquids and flavours for you to sample. From our vape shop in Ashford, we have the unique advantage of seeing vape brands become big favourites and have compiled these top sellers into our best vape juice guide below.

best vape juice uk

Top E-liquid Categories

Our top e-liquids to vape have been boiled down into these best categories. Click on the link below to go straight to your preferred category.

Best Vape Juice For Beginners 

The best vape juice for beginners picks, are those you tend to see in 10ml bottles. So that's either salts, or nicotine based smaller bottles. We tend to call these mouth to lung (MTL) liquids in the industry, but for ease, let's just call them beginners juice.

Winner | Heisenberg Vampire Vape

popular juice

Vampire Vape is a household vape brand, and one of the best there is in terms of higher nicotine 10ml juices. Heisenberg vape is a cool blueberry liquid, with an equally blue appearance.

Why it's the best vape juice for beginners

Vaper's tongue is when you find a flavour, flavourless. It's generally from overuse of one flavouring, but this beginner vape juice, has a refreshing undertone that seems to stop that happening. 

Whether you like fruits, or menthol and have a limited range of juices you like - this is a great shout. Loved by millions and outstrips sales across the UK. Making this the best vape juice in the UK for beginners.


  • 10ml
  • 0 - 3 - 18 mg
  • Freebase and Salts.
  • 60% PG / 40% VG

Juice Price

  • 3 for £10

Need to find a kit to go with this? Check out our buyers guide below:

Best Vape Juice For Clouds

When it comes to finding the best vape juices for clouds, you are really looking for a high VG product. This means it's made with more of the mixture that is known for making the thicker vapour. 

VG or Vegetable Glycerin requires more wattage to vaporise, therefore needs bigger kits. This all results in build dense vapes that mean a VG heavy liquid leads to cloud heavy results.

So what's the best vape juice for clouds? Read on.

Winner | Black Reloaded Zeus Juice

Winner Black Reloaded

Black Reloaded is the trophy laden longfill from the Zeus Juice UK range. An aniseed with menthol twist is bottled in this category winner for our best vape juice for clouds.

Available in the 100ml format, this shortfill features in more baskets than nearly any other liquid in-store.

Why it's the best vape juice for clouds

Vaping big clouds, means higher levels of vegetable glycerin which is a known hydrophobic product. This means it repels water and that means it can make your mouth dry. When vaporising dessert or creamy liquids, this can become thirsty work, so bring on the menthol flavours and it takes the edge off - if even only psychologically.

Zeus make premium flavours, so they can be a little more money than mass produced budget flavoured brands, but with this focus on quality, the juices taste less chemically.

The aniseed, blackcurrant and menthol edge gives it something of a blackjack sweet taste. It's got something of a heisen style to it, as it just works as one of the few top all day juices on the market.


  • 100ml in 120ml bottle
  • 0 - 3 mg
  • 70% VG / 30% PG

Juice Price

  • 100ml from £19.99

Best Vape Juice For Flavour

Sometimes a lot of vape brands just follow the pattern of making something that sells already and then does it a touch cheaper. We have already mentioned Zeus once, but unlike some of the other brands, these guys are the ones that make the liquids first.

Our pick for the best vape juice for flavour goes to a mystical blend you hadn't even considered.

Winner | Dodoberry by Zeus

great for flavor

Let's talk about the flavour combination that makes this our MVP for best vape juice for flavour. Dodoberry is a mixture of:

  1. Juice Blackberry
  2. Ripe Blueberry
  3. Wild Blueberry
  4. Tart Raspberry
  5. Sweet Grape

Why is it the best e-liquid flavour winner?

It's rare you see the blue berries mixed with the reds and then topped off with a grape style. In fact, grape is an easy flavour mix to do wrong. But as our top selling berry mix, this is a champion for any berry fans and well worth a try.

To give them additional props - this bird is not extinct to other formats. (No apologies given for shocking puns) You can check out our flavour boss in anything from 10ml to 100ml, with salts and without.


  • 0 - 20 mg 
  • 50/50 and 70% VG options
  • Nic Free and Salts

Juice Price

  • 10ml from £3.40
  • 100ml from £19.99

Best Vape Juice For Coil Life

We have all been there, find a great flavour juice and it ravages through your coils and tank in no time. Some of the big American flavour house brands are notorious for it. Lacing their juice with sweeteners and sucralose. These may taste good for a day or two, but then very quickly gunk up your coils; it's like you're vaping toast.

Why does e-liquid destroy my coils?

It tends to be the sub ohm juices that experience this coil gunk phenomenon, partly because the thicker concoctions often need more flavouring to infuse it properly. The conventional 10ml options, are runnier and flavourings can spread around the mixture more easily, requiring less sweetening. Being runnier, they also wick faster and require less power running through a coil. 

So what is the best vape juice for coil life? Here's our recommendation for the best coil-saving e-liquid.

Winner | Blueberry Blitz Ohm Brew

Blueberry Flavour Nic Salt

Something that doesn't gunk up the coils, that something is Blueberry Blitz, a nic salt from Ohm Brew. Made in a 50/50 mix, this is a juice that can work well in nearly any tank, providing you like the high nicotine strength of salts.

The flavour profile is simple yet tasty, with a definite refreshing taste. Ice blast along with wild and ripe blueberries, make this a juice that is capable of saving you a lot of money on coils.


Why is this the best vape juice for coil life?

With a 5050 blend, it just doesn't take so much 'oomph' to turn liquid into vapour. This means if you were to opt for a low strength version of this juice, you could happily throw it into a sub tank with a 0.5 ohm resistance and be fine. 

In a mouth to lung, or pod style vape, it's totally at home. The use of the fruits to sweeten and the runnier nature of the liquid, means it is a lot easier on the coils. While being available in salt nic, makes users tend to need to puff on it less.

All of these factors go in, to making it a lot less brutal on your coils and therefore avoid the dreaded coil gunk build-up.


  • 10ml
  • 50% VG / 50% PG
  • TPD Regulated
  • Salt based
  • 5mg - 10mg - 20mg


  • Individuals £3.99
  • Multi-buy deal 3 for £10

Best Vape Juice On A Budget

We have reached the finale, and when you have done everything else this month with your money, you may realise you have run short on juice. So finding the best cheap e liquid may be a good call.

For this winner, while we have a ton of special offer deals running (Link below) - we wanted to give some time to talk about an old favourite, that still sells by the boat load and got many of us off of smoking in the first place.

Winner | Ice Mint Hangsen

best cheap e liquid

We aren't going to pretend there is a vast amount to say about this champion of cheap, but it has helped literally millions of people quit menthol cigarettes and it's still doing its job now.

This is Ice Mint by Hangsen Vape. A lot of people give Chinese made liquids a bad rap, they cite often misguided opinions on how things are made and tend to generalise across a whole group of people. We don't sleep on these guys as they were literally the industry pioneers.

You wouldn't be vaping an ejuice right now if they hadn't led the way.

With industry matching standards and now making the vast bulk of their liquids in Europe, we chose this number for the best vape juice on a budget.

Why is this the best cheap e liquid?

We all have our favourites, but when it comes to a flavour that most people can get down with, it's something that tastes like a sweet polo. It's refreshing, it doesn't lead to dry mouth, and it's a bargain price.

The liquid is easy on the coils as well as the wallet, and it makes up nearly 10% of our store shopping baskets. Need we say more?


  • 10ml
  • 6mg - 12mg -18mg
  • UK Regulated
  • 30% VG / 70% PG


  • From £2 in our 5 for £10 deal
  • Individual Price £2.99

END | Best Vape Juice Review 

That's it, that's the best vape juices UK electronic cigarette users should be hopping on for a new refill. If you want to check out any of the juices we have covered, pop into our brick and mortar or hit the banners above to see the product listings themselves.

Thanks for reading - now, about those vape deals we mentioned.

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