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Who are SMOK?

Smok or Smoktech as their full name explains is a Chinese based electronic cigarette brand that has been in business since 2010. Having served over 80 million vapers in that time and acquired other brands such as Wotofo, they are amongst the biggest names.

What does that mean to you? It means if it says Smok on the box, you are in good hands.


If you're wondering why we are using the phrase Smok UK - besides ensuring our website ranks in the UK - it's also to highlight that some of the Smoktech differ for the UK vaping audience. This is due to e-cig regulation differences between Asian nations, Amerian, UK and European. If you see Smok UK, it means, it has been made for a British vaper.

Are Smok Vapes Safe?

All Smok vapes imported into the UK are required to notify the UK Medicines and Healthcare Regulations Authority (MHRA) of submission to market. This means, any vape kit/tank/coil you buy with Smok on the box, is safe to use.

Source: MHRA E-Cig Licensing Regulations

Can Smok Vapes Explode

If you are wondering about the question "Can Smok vapes explode?" then you're in normal company. If you're new to vaping you might be forgiven that every vape or Smok E-cig pen can suddenly go off like a hand grenade. Fortunately, the truth is very different. 

Every electronic device you own, your laptop and your mobile phone CAN in theory explode, but first, they need to be subjected to some damage to their battery area. Vapes are no different, and if there is a removable battery which is then let loose in a pocket and gets punctured by a key, or makes a circuit with loose coins and overheats, then you could have an issue.

The truth of the matter is, it's rarely a vape that explodes, it's the battery used in a vape. And these batteries are also found in torches and phones. Managing your battery is good housekeeping:

What's the best Smok Vape?

Knowing what the best Smok vape is, depends on what kind of product you mean. If you are wondering about tanks for example, you could always check out our guide below to see which Smok tanks made it to the list:

Amongst their best-known ranges include the TFV tanks, the Nord and RPM pod vapes and their entry-level Smok vape pens. The Smok vape pen and the V8, or Prince Stick, have been hugely popular entry points for those looking out for a sub ohm vape kit, or vape pens.

Smok UK Vape Reviews

We collect Smok product reviews using and Trustpilot, so if you are after reviews specific to Smok vape, scroll down below, or click on the Smok review stars under each product listing.

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