Best Sub Ohm Tank For 2021

best sub ohm tank review for 2021

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TL:DR | Some people just need the best things in life - and when it comes to clouds, you need to know what is the best sub ohm tank. We have 5 awards to give, so if you want to know what is the best sub ohm vape tank in the UK, read on.

What is the best sub ohm tank in the UK?

To make it easier to find the best sub ohm vape tank for your needs, we have broken it all down into 5 of the best categories. If you want to jump straight to that section, hit the text link below.

What is sub-ohm?

Sub-ohm means lower than 1 ohm resistance. Without getting into too much technical jargon, in vaping circles, it means higher power capability and therefore more gusto per hit. For a more detailed break down of how sub-ohm vaping works, we covered it in our guide below:

Our Tank Review Approach

A lot of vape websites have reviews on their site, just as we have. We do it to inform, give a little bit of help, show relevance and to win traffic on Google. When you type in 'what's the best sub ohm vape tank for 2021?' we want you to find us.

Our approach is honest and up front. We are an independent business who recommends only those products that we would be willing to vape ourselves. No affiliate links, no paid for promotions, just a few guys in a vape shop in Ashford, sharing their passion for great products. That's our review approach. 

Best Cheap Sub Ohm Tank

Out of the traps let's talk what's the best cheap sub ohm vape tank. Some become cheap after being around the block a while, whereas some others start off reasonably priced. This award winning tank started life off as an affordable sub-tank and it gets our thumbs up for several reasons. But first let's observe her.

tank reviews

The Version 2 Mini TFV tank from Smoktech, is not only well priced, it's incredible versatile for a cloud focused tank. It's also a product that you really aren't going to struggle to find spares for. 

What makes this the best cheap sub ohm tank?

  • Expandable glass options
  • Well known brand
  • Wide range of coils
  • Works great between 40-80 watts



Current Price In Store : £17.99

Best Sub Ohm Tank For Beginners

When you're first starting out, you want a tank that is easy to use, probably pretty durable from clumsy drops and is an all rounder. Perhaps not elite at any particular thing, but a good first step.

Introducing the Geekvape Zeus Tank.

Geekvape tanks are great for new users


The Zeus tank is probably not as well known as many vape tanks and that's more due to a lack of marketing than anything else. Smok churns out seven types of tanks every seven days, Geekvape just plod along a little more. 

Don't let that fool you into thinking they don't make good tanks. The Zeus generally comes with the Aegis mods, and this particular model is sold with the Aegis Legend vape kit. When it comes to durable products that are good for new cloud fans, you may want to pay attention. 

What makes this the best sub ohm tank for beginners?

  • Expandable glass options
  • No known leaking issues
  • Friendly balance of flavour vs cloud


Stout, hardy and the whole kit comes for little more than a score above the prices of some high end tanks. Recommended.

Current Price In Store (With Kit) : £49.99

Best Sub Ohm Tank For Clouds

Let's be honest, most of you are here for this reason alone. I get asked for big fat clouds in your face on the Donovan Bailey on the webchat. So without further ado, let me present to you what we think is 2021's best sub ohm tank for clouds. 

The Wotan tank - Stand up.

Award Winning and Reviewed

The Wotan gets the award for the best sub ohm tank for clouds. Some tanks flatter to deceive, which can be all the more disappointing when they come from a big cloud brand. Damn Vape's Wotan made no attempt to come with a bang, but did exactly that.

Named aptly after a German World War 1 tank which itself ended up being little more than a thick pillar of smoke, the Wotan is head and shoulders above them all.

What makes this the best sub ohm tank for clouds?

  • Huge coils
  • Wide bore drip tip with heat reduction
  • Dual entry airflow that funnels direct to the centre of the coil
  • Mesh coils allow longer vape hits without overheating


Two words, massive and clouds. The centre of the coil airflow, combined with a heat reduction drip tip (so you don't burn your mouth) and mesh coils that have a larger surface area, means the Wotan builds up thick dense clouds, and rips the trophy out of anyone's hands right now.

Current Price In Store : £29.99

Best Sub Ohm Tank For Flavour

The two big reasons why anyone wants to know what's the best sub ohm vape tank are clouds and flavour. We have covered clouds, so let's introduce to you our favourite tank for the best flavour experience.

Uwell LOVE it!

Okay, say hello to the Uwell Crown 5 (V)

Best Tank Finalist

Uwell have been bossing the sub-tank game for about 5 years now. The first Crown tank was hugely popular and one of the defining characteristics to what makes their products the best sub ohm tanks for flavour - is the fact people still use the old versions. 

For many vapers out there, once a product is superseded, the old one doesn't get much of a look-in. As someone who packs the envelopes I still see a regular stream of Crown 3 and Crown 4 coils go out. Uwell Crown tanks are superior beasts.

What makes this the best sub ohm tank for flavour?

  • Magical mesh coils 
  • Extendable tank option to 5ml (available separately)
  • Self cleaning system


Vapingwithtwisted420 a big name in Youtube land calls this the 'Flavour King' and he's not alone. Every Crown has rocked the tastebud, this descendant is simply the current ruler in that dynasty.

Current Price In Store : £29.99

Best Sub Ohm Tank For Not Leaking

If you are in team sensible, then you may take the approach of caring less about the 5th gold star for flavour and cloud, instead you just want something decent that won't leak.

Uwell Crown tanks perform well here with their little liquid vacuum system they have. But we can't give them two awards, so the award for the best sub ohm tank for not leaking has to go to an Aspire product.

Aspire make tanks that don't leak - well, they do a better job of it than nearly everyone else.

I know there's a heckler reading this, throwing their aspire tank out of the pram: "But mine leaks..." Yes sometimes even champions have an off day, but for the most part Aspire have this nailed.

It's why they aren't the cheapest probably too. User satisfaction. 

Get the Odan in your life

leak free tanks

The Aspire Odan tank is never going to win awards for the biggest cloud, or for Michelin flavours, not that it does either terribly, but it will take home the prom queen for keeping your hands dry.

Not that keeping your hands dry is a success if you took home the prom queen. More on that never.

Inside the Odan is an incredibly well engineered fit, it's snug to close and the quality of the o-rings used ensure a watertight seal.

What makes this the best sub ohm tank for not leaking?

  • Can change the coil while full 
  • Extendable tank option to 5ml (available separately)
  • Thick and securely fastened o-rings plus 8 spares


Top-filling, looks nice, doesn't leak. Bonus feature of being able to change the coil with a full tank, saves you wasting juice. It probably pays for itself with that economical feature alone. Actually, we've undersold this - that's better than a leak resistant pro - it's one of the biggest frustrations of many vapers, solved. 

Current Price In Store : £27.99

Where next?

Found the best sub ohm tank? Why not find the right juices too?

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