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Best Mouth To Lung Tanks

Shop and buy our range of mouth to lung vape tanks online. Whether you have newly transitioned to vaping from cigarettes, or prefer something a little less cloudy, it's a mouth to lung (MTL) tank you will be wanting.

Our vaping store curates an ever managed stock range of MTL tanks for what some may call smaller cloud vaping. These MTL tanks work a little differently from the sub-tanks that you may associate with bigger clouds. If you want to read up more, hit the link below.

What is an MTL Tank?

MTL tanks (or mouth to lung) get their name from the way in which they are used. Their construction means they have a smaller, more narrow and restricted mouthpiece. This pulls less vapour into the user's mouth and because the MTL tank is less airy, it requires the user to inhale again to be able to properly take it down. 

MTL Tanks vs DTL

Larger tanks which are known as DTL - or direct to lung have a mouthpiece wide enough to enable the user to breathe in and out through them. That larger air action creates big clouds. So if you are looking for something more discreet and more like a cigarette, then it's a mouth to lung tank you want.

Mouth to lung vaping benefits

While we don't pretend to be doctors or medical professionals, we can spot some obvious user based benefits to mouth to lung vaping and MTL tanks.

  • Cost savings
  • More discretion
  • Similar to cigarette inhale
  • Better for all-day use

Mouth to lung vaping is done at lower power, than those big clunky vapes out there. This lower power means your battery connected to the MTL tank will last longer, but it also means less liquid is being vaporised through your vape tank every hit. This reduced use of juice obviously benefits your pocket, but it has one more benefit still. Your tank coils are likely to last longer too. The lower intensity of work they perform means (generally speaking), the longer they last.

That is why it can often be a lot cheaper when you are doing mouth to lung vaping and why it's the best bet for a beginner vaper, to look at MTL vape kits first.

What is the best MTL tank brand?

A number of vape brands have put out MTL tanks to the market, but few have done as well at the task as Innokin and their Zenith, or Aspire with their BVC and Nautilus tank ranges. Aspire's MTL tanks are known for not leaking, while Innokin has become well known due to the success of their Endura vape pen ranges.

What is the right vape liquid for an MTL tank?

When it comes to finding the right vape liquid for an MTL tank, you will want to make sure the PG levels are 50% or higher. In e-liquids, PG is a liquid thinning agent. With the way MTL vape tanks are made, it's important to use a juice that is not too thick, or the vape coils will burn out very quickly. Smaller tanks require runnier liquids so they can more easily vaporise them. 

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