High Grade Ohm Coils UK Wide Delivery

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Sub-ohm coils are by far the most popular among vapers - especially cloud chasers. Because the resistance is less than one ohm, sub-ohm coils deliver a smoother vaping experience and a richer burst of flavour. Vapeology stock a wide range of premium sub-ohm coils from recognised brands including Horizon, Smok, Uwell, Vaporreso and Wake. Order today and you could be cloud chasing in a day or two. 

Indulge In Intense Flavours

Sub-ohm coils heat much quicker than standard coils. The key advantage of this is that the coils produce more vapour and deliver a richer flavour. If you enjoy the intensity of e-liquids you get from good vape pens, you will absolutely love sub-ohm vaping mods. Our sub-ohm coils seriously enhance subtle e-juices and give them a satisfyingly intense burst of flavour.

Create Impressive Clouds

From flavour chasers to cloud chasers, sub-ohm vaping coils produce superior vaping experiences. If you want to generate giant vape clouds, you need a sub-ohm coil! What’s more, because the vapour heats quickly, you also feel a warmer sensation similar to the feeling you get when pulling on a cigarette.

The Smoothest Way To Vape

Sub-ohm e-juices have a lower concentration of nicotine and more VG content than standard e-liquids. As a result, they produce a smoother, silky and flavoursome vaping experience. If you like puffing on a hookah, sub-ohm vaping is for you! We recommend selecting e-juices with nicotine levels of between 0 to 3mg to avoid a nasty throat hit.

Why Buy Sub-Ohm Coils?

  • You experience richer, intense flavours
  • Less nicotine avoids a harsh throat hit
  • Awesome vape clouds
  • Satisfying sensation of warm vapour

All of our sub-ohm coils are 100% authentic and can be delivered UK wide within 1 to 2 working days.