Handmade Coils By Scott

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Coils By Scott

Coils by Scott, are handmade vape coils that come in a range of ohm resistances, perfect for the advanced vaper or those who like their rebuildable vape experiences.

What are the Build Types of Coils by Scott?

  • Alien
  • Fralien
  • Serpent
  • Alien
  • Clapton

What makes Coils by Scott good?

Let's give you 3 reasons why Coils by Scott are good:

  1. Reduced Hot Spots
  2. Environmentally Friendly Choice
  3. Cost-Efficient

Unlike machine-made wire builds, Coils by Scott are hand constructed and finished to a standard that removes burrs and likely hot spots. These hot spots can lead to a less than optimal taste when vaping. 

Coils by Scott are a UK brand, so not only are you getting a high-end product, it's a little more environmentally friendly than ordering a coil from the other side of the world.

One final reason why paying a little extra for coils like these is worthwhile - you will find that the actual coil needs replacing very little. The organic vape cotton will want changing over as frequently as you like for a stronger flavour, but the wire - that's good for weeks. That's 3 solid reasons in our short Coils by Scott review.

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