Wire Wick Mesh Coils

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Superior coils to enrich your vaping experience

Wire wick coils, or mesh coils, are without doubt the most popular trending coils in the vaping world. And with good reason. They last longer than standard wicks, deliver a pure tasting flavour, don’t burn the wick, don’t create a 'pop’ sound and produce awesome clouds without the need for a 200-watt device. In other words, wire wick coils give you all your vaping eggs in one gloriously fulfilling basket! We stock wire wick coils from leading manufacturers including Clapton, Cotton Bacon, Kanthal, Evolution Vaping and provide next day delivery.

Big Clouds, Enhanced Flavour

Wire wicks are the most advanced and efficient coils in the vaping world. Mesh wire makes the most of the surface area and produces less hot spots which means atomisers heat up quickly without needing to ramp up the wattage. As a result, you get a richer flavour and impressive clouds without draining your battery or your e-juice.

Superior Quality Coils

The popularity of mesh coils has prompted manufacturers to improve the performance of their atomisers. Consequently, the problems with standard coils have been eradicated. Wire wick coils heat up and cool down quicker, preserve battery power and help e-juices go further.

Avoid Wick Burning And Spitting

Mesh coils burn more evenly so don’t burn the wick like standard coils or cause a popping sound sub-ohm vapers often hear when the fire button is triggered. What’s more, mesh coils have optimum coil-to-wick contact which prevents excess e-liquid gathering in the coil.

Why Buy Mesh Coils?

  • Last longer than standard coils
  • Burn e-liquid efficiently
  • Enhances and maintains flavour
  • Produces giant clouds
  • Uses less wattage

All of our wire wick coils are 100% authentic and can be delivered UK wide within 1 to 2 working days.