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Replacement Coils For Vapes

When the time comes to replace your vape coil, you will find the exact coil you are looking for, in stock at Vapeology. We stock a huge range of vape coils for every device, from the biggest brands in the industry.

With more and more vaping devices available, the amount of coils available also increases and this can make it difficult to know which coils fit your device. Luckily, at Vapeology we will know exactly which coil is suitable and are happy to assist. Simply contact us via live chat, give us a call or follow our prebuilt vape coils guide if you are unsure.

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What are Vape Coils?

Vape coils are one of the most important pieces in your vape kit. The vape coil is essentially a heating element that heats up the e-liquid, turning the liquid to vapour.

Sometimes known as coil heads or atomiser heads, they consist of a coiled wire element and a wicking material such as cotton. The cotton soaks up the e-liquid and the coiled wire element carries the electrical charge, once the electrical charge passes through the element it heats up and in turn changes the e-liquid to vapour.

The coiled wire element can also come in different forms such as mesh or ceramic. Each material acts differently and provides varying degrees of vapour and flavour.

What are Ohms?

In vaping, resistance is measured in ohms(Ω), the ohm is defined as an electrical resistance between two points of a conductor, in this case, the conductor is metal, specifically Nickel, Titanium or Stainless Steel.

When a conductor has lower resistance, the current takes longer to pass through it and you, therefore, get a build-up of electrons, causing it to heat up. The lower the resistance the longer the conductor ie the coil can be heated for, in turn, heating the e-liquid turning it to vapour.

How Long Do Vape Coils Last?

How long a vape coil will last depends on a couple of factors: How much you vape and the type of e-liquid you use.

If you are a heavy vaper, your coil may need to be changed as often as once a week or less, however, it should be noted that even if you filled your device with e-liquid and didn't use the device at all the cotton will still degrade and the coil will still need replacing.

Certain ingredients in e-liquid tend to degrade coils faster, for example, e-liquids with high levels of sweetener tend to degrade coils faster than those with lower levels of sweetener.

On average you should expect a coil to last from three days to one month.

How Do I Know When to Change a Vape Coil?

Once a vape coil starts to burn, it's a sure sign it needs changing. Follow our guide to know when to change your coil and also how to get the most out of them.

Where do you Ship Vape Coils and Pods?

Vapeology ship vape coils and pods to the UK and Europe including Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland the Netherlands and the rest of the EU.