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Wick Liquor

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Wick Liquor E-liquid is famous for its juggernaut 150ml liquids that include Contra, Boulevard, Deja Voodoo, Carnival and the Shattered lines. UK designed and manufactured, the Wick Liquor vape brand is a regular find in any good vape shop.

Wick Liquor VG PG Ratio

Wick Liquor has a VG PG ratio of 80% vegetable glycerin to 20% propylene glycol. This means it is more suited for making larger clouds and for higher-powered vaping devices. We call these - sub-ohm vape kits.

If you want to read more about VG and PG, check out the guide below:

Wick Liquor Flavour Profiles

Wick Liquor's flavour profile covers the full spectrum. From dessert cakes based on classic US tastes such as Carnival, to their newer Kumiyko yoghurt range. Boulevard is a fruit punch, while Deja Voodoo is a tropical coconut profile. The beauty of the range is the bases it covers. To give them their credit, the loyalty toward their brand is in part due to the unique twist they apply to the Wick Liquor flavour profile focus.

Wick Liquor Bottle Sizes

You can pick up Wick Liquor bottles in any of the following bottle size specifications.

  • 10ml Nic Salts
  • 50ml Shake and Vapes
  • 150ml Juggernauts

Best Wick Liquor flavour

Hands down the best Wick Liquor flavour based on sales is a pick'em choice of the following three juices:

  • Wick Liquor Boulevard
  • Wick Liquor Contra
  • Wick Liquor Boulevard Shattered

With these rich and deep flavours, we have listed them in order of sales. The Shattered line is the cold version of the flavours. That means they have slight menthol cooling. 

How To Open A Wick Liquor Bottle

If you are looking for advice on how to open a Wick Liquor bottle, we can help you with this quite quickly. It's more prescient as Wick Liquor bottles in the past had a few problems where they would flood out when the top cap slipped off easily. 

These days, the problem has been fixed and you simply pop the needle base off the top of the bottle, with a bottle opener or butter knife edge. We would suggest using your nails, but we can't be held accountable for you chipping your nail varnish!