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Buy Best Dinner Lady Vape Juice Flavours

Dinner Lady E-Liquid is one of the most established and certainly the largest vape juice brand in the UK. In fact, Blighty vapes aren't their only achievement, they can be seen worldwide now, and are a true Made in Britain success story.

If you want to know where to buy Vape Dinner Lady local to you - then you have arrived at your destination. We stock the top flavours for the Vape Dinner Lady Brand. Shop here, or click and collect from our Ashford outlet.

Where is Dinner Lady e-liquid made?

Dinner Lady E-Liquid is made in Blackburn, UK. They are a fully British brand and have grown exponentially since 2016. In around 5 years, they have firmly established themselves as an award-winning and trusted liquid.

What is the VG PG Ratio of Dinner Lady?

For the Vape Dinner Lady liquids we stock, we offer their 50ml line which comes in a High VG (vegetable glycerin) 70% ratio. This means only 30% propylene glycol (PG). Making the range of flavours we hold, ideally suited for making larger clouds.

Does Dinner Lady E-Liquid contain nicotine?

While Vape Dinner Lady doesn't contain nicotine, you can add a booster to bring these 50ml flavours to 3mg nic. Simply add a nic shot at the basket.

Does Dinner Lady E-Liquid contain diacetyl?

As a UK flavour house, applying only the finest ingredients, Dinner Lady does not make juices with diacetyl. Diacetyl, the ingredient associated with negative reports in the USA is rarely if ever found in British vapes. For those liquids that come made with nicotine, it is banned. This means you can be confident when buying Vape Dinner Lady that there is no diacetyl.

What is the Best Dinner Lady E-Liquid Flavour?

Lemon tart is their award-winning dessert liquid and brought them to prominence. In much the same way, Vampire Vape became famous from Heisenberg, Lemon Tart did it for Dinner Lady.

These days they are getting very well known for their Watermelon Slices flavour line. You can shop for that here. If you want more options for the best flavours, hit the link below.