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Gulp Sweets 100ml Shortfill

Gulp Sweets 100ml Shortfill

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Gulp Sweets 100ml Shortfill

The Gulp Sweets Range is made up of all of your old-school classic sweets flavours, designed to give you that nostalgic feeling with every vape.

All of the Gulp Sweets range is manufactured in the UK and is a 70VG/30PG e-liquid. These vape juices come in 100ml bottles and have a nicotine strength of 0mg, to mix this juice to a 3mg nicotine strength, you will need to purchase 2x 18mg nicotine shots.

What Flavours Are The Gulp Sweets Range?

Rhubarb and Custard

Gulp sweets Rhubarb and Custard will bring back fond memories of simpler times! A velvety Base with a jolt of tart Rhubarb, which is guaranteed to make you merry all the way through!

Fruit Salad

With every inhale of Fruit Salad, you'll be transported to a time of nostalgia! A recreation of the classic fruity candy with a mixed fruit flavour that tastes almost exactly like what you've had in the past!

Lemon Sherbet

A delicious treat that combines the recognisable taste of sour lemons with a jolt of bubbly sherbet. Sweet and wonderful!

Black Jack

You don't need to look any further if you're looking for a quick solution to brighten yourself up whenever you get the blues. Black Jack has a real and unmistakable sweet aniseed flavour that is reminiscent of traditional black liquorice sweets that are sure to perk you up!

Drum Stix

Gulp Sweets Drumstix - Drumstick's signature chewy texture and two different flavours have made it a perennial favourite among those who have enjoyed eating sweets for many years.

Cola Cubes

Gulp Sweets Cola Cubes are a typical, chewy hard candy with a lovely cola flavour. These cola-flavoured hard candies have been a fan favourite for many years.



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