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Just Juice Nic Salts From Our Online Store

Just Juice is another big UK flavour house, producing high quality and flavourful e-liquids that cover a number of vaping needs. Their 50ml range offers a mix of great flavours and good value. If you haven't tried Just Juice e-liquid and love a fruity vape, then this is one to pop in the shopping basket.

What is the VG of Just Juice

Just Juice has a VG or vegetable glycerin ratio of 70%. This means it has only 30% PG or propylene glycol and makes it ideal for those cloud chasers. If you are looking for a liquid that can help make bigger clouds, then Just Juice is a great option.

What Just Juice flavours are there?

 As the name suggests, Just Juice vape liquids are centred around fruits. The best Just Juice flavour products include the following options:

  • Blue Raspberry
  • Mango Passion
  • Lemonade
  • Blood Orange
  • Kiwi Cranberry
  • Apple and Pear

Along with these flavours are the hint of ice in some too. This colder hit makes the liquids more suitable for long term use without the loss of their refreshing flavour.

Does Just Juice contain nicotine?

50ml Just Juice comes in a zero nicotine format, but with 10 millilitres of space to add a high strength nicotine booster, which will bring the overall level to 3mg. Under the UK and European rules on tobacco-related products, liquids in bottles larger than 10ml cannot contain nicotine in store.

Source: Tobacco Products Directive