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Founded in 2013 in South Korea and today headquartered in Shenzen, China, Innokin vape are a global e-cig manufacturer with an emphasis on quality of technology, over quantity of models.

Apart from being one of the early entrants to the vaping market, and having nearly a decade of experience, the Innokin vape company has always taken a little longer to bring products to market, as their desire is to make sure it works well the first time. This ensures lower fault rates, lower returns and more customer loyalty. This is what makes Innokin a great vape brand.

Where can I buy Innokin Coils near me?

If you are searching for 'where to buy Innokin coils near me', we know how frustrating it can be to be vaping a dead coil. Our online and offline store stocks the primary Innokin spares you will need. From T18 coils and Prism replacements to the Endura pens and MVP mods.

If you have landed on this section, but need a little help with your Innokin vape, you might find this guide below of help:

Overall though, when it comes to Innokin coils, the brand is so widely known, you will not struggle to find the spares you need in any store. This is a definite advantage if you are considering buying an Innokin vape product. You shouldn't struggle to get the parts you need. That's a real bonus in our eyes.

What types of products does Innokin make?

Innokin vape devices tend to focus on the newer entrant market. This means they make great vape pens for beginners. But they do also produce products that work for the more advanced vaper too. As a company with 'quitting smoking' at the forefront of its focus, it is only natural they will produce more of the compact or the new user models - and they do that very well indeed.

Amongst the Innokin collection, you will see established names such as:

  • Endura
  • Itaste
  • MVP
  • Kroma
  • Zenith
  • Prism
  • Coolfire

From vapes that look like hand grenades to some that come in military-style attache cases, and all types of vapes in between, Innokin is a great choice for vapers of all levels. If you came here to check, then our advice is, you can't really go wrong.