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Looking for a Voopoo vape stockist in the UK? Then good news, we sell a range of Voopoo vaping products, from kits, coils to tanks and pods. Whether it's Vinci pnp spares or the latest Drag mod, our store sells a curated range of Voopoo vapes.

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Is Voopoo a good brand?

Voopoo is one of the leading names in the e-cig business and their pod systems such as the Vinci have a large following. Their reputation has grown year on year, since their formation in 2014. 

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Where is Voopoo made?

Voopoo is based out of Shenzhen, China, a global powerhouse for electronic cigarette manufacturing. Along with their HQ, they have locations around the world, as well as a host of international stockists that carry their Voopoo branded vape gear.

What is the best Voopoo vape?

Depending on your need, the best Voopoo will vary. Here are some quick suggestions for you based on some of the most popular Voopoo vaping requests.

Voopoo for CBD?

If you are looking to use Voopoo for CBD, then the Vinci Pod Kit may be a fantastic option. The device works at lower powers, as well as being able to be increased for thicker non-CBD liquids too. It makes it a really good all-around choice, and very capable of handling the thinner liquids associated with CBD. If you want a more in-depth guide to some other options, check out our guide linked below:

Voopoo for Nic Salts

Similar to CBD e-liquid, nic salts are also generally made with higher PG (propylene glycol) which means they work optimally with lower wattage and higher resistance. Using big coils with these liquids can lead to leaking. However, we are seeing these juices come in 50/50 style more often and for that reason, we would suggest you look at the Drag X instead.