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GeekBar Disposable Vapes have been around since 2015, they are a compact vape kit, pre-charged and pre-filled with a range of tasty nic salt e-liquid flavours including Blueberry Bubblegum, Sweet Strawberry, Mango and many more. Over the past year, disposable vape kits have grown massively in popularity due to their convenience and success in aiding smoking cessation, with no messing around changing coils or charging batteries, Geek Bar disposables are ready to vape straight out of the box. Great for slipping into a pocket or bag and once you are done, simply chuck the old one away and grab a new one!

Geek Bars are Now Available in a 10mg Nicotine Strength!

The Geek Bar is now available in a 10mg nicotine strength, perfect if you are new to vaping and making the move from tobacco, along with those previously put off by the 20mg salt nic strengths.

  • Puffs: Up to 575
  • Battery: 700mAh Battery Internal
  • Vaping Style: MTL (Mouth-to-Lung)
  • E-Liquid: 2ml Salt Nic
  • Nicotine Strength: Available in 20mg or 10mg Nicotine Strengths
  • Control: Draw Activated 

Are Geek Bars Vape Good?

Geek Bar Disposable Vapes are the best disposable vape kit on the market today. With a great selection of flavours available they offer a great choice to those new to vaping as well as the experienced vaper looking for a simple, compact device to slip in a pocket or bag when out and about.

A Geek Bar will give you around 575 puffs, depending on your style of vaping. Containing 20mg or 10mg of nic salt nicotine, Geek Bar Disposables will hit those cravings, great if you are just giving up smoking cigarettes. The 20mg device provides a nice throat hit without being too harsh and the 10mg version delivers great flavour with a more mellow throat hit.