Quit Smoking Using Vaping Instead Is It A Good Option

Matthew Abercrombie |


Did you know that around 2.7 million people vape in the UK alone? That is a lot of people that may have smoked for many years that are now seeing the benefits of saving money, smelling better, better sense of taste and smell, and more importantly benefiting from the main health benefits of vaping over smoking.

Should you quit smoking and vape instead? Well, we think so and we are certain even the medical professionals would agree with us. Whether you are smoking one per day or forty per day will not matter because the damage you are doing to your body and especially your lungs is vast. Did you know there are over six thousand chemicals in one cigarette? Did you also know that your sense of smell and taste is vastly reduced when you smoke?

Quitting Smoking Using Vape And Saving Thousands Factor in the cost of smoking twenty per day over a year and you have a yearly cost of over £3500-00 which is enough for a few family holidays or one really good one. That new sofa, TV or even that course online that you have been meaning to do could be brought with the typically £3000 that you would save by quitting smoking and vaping instead.

With 34,800 deaths related to lung cancer yearly in the UK you can also see why the government are sending out the message to quit unlike in the 1970’s when it was deemed fashionable to smoke. To quit smoking using vape you will need to think about a number of things. 

Firstly, what vape kit is the best for you? This is a question that only trial, and error will answer but with a little research and trying a few you should find what works for you. There are a vast number of kits and types of vape that you can choose from so visiting a local store or popping online to do your research will help you start your journey.

Batteries, coils, type of liquid, costs, type of kit, percentage of nicotine, taste, and what do you like from an aesthetic point of view will all be things that you will want to consider. Here at Vapeology we have a team of expert vapers that are here to help when you need it. Why not get in touch today so we can help you on your vaping journey.


It is also worth joining a few vaping forums that will enable you to speak regularly with other vapers. There is also a wealth of information on Youtube that will enable you to see reviews and feedback that may also help you work out what works best for you.

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