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Whats The Best Vape For A Heavy Smoker?

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Matthew Abercrombie |

Whats the best vape for a heavy smoker?

The best vapes for a heavy smoker. So, many questions surround this matter thatWhats The Best Vape For A Heavy Smoker 2022? its hard to give a one answer fits all approach. If you are a heavy smoker, you could be smoking ten or even 60 cigarettes per day and it may be that you have convinced yourself that vaping wont work for you because of how much you already smoke. The best vape for a heavy smoker will depend on so many factors including what appeals to you in terms of flavour and the type of vape.

Many suggest starting with a disposable vape to see if vaping is for you as this will keep your costs down and give you the chance to try vaping before committing to spending more initially and saving £1000’s in the long term. With a disposable vape there is a broad range of flavours that you can choose from and with costs starting at just £4-00 and up you will find that it’s a great place to start.

Best Vape For A Heavy Smoker In 2022 Heavy smoking carries a lethal amount of toxins and the government have recently suggested that they will be using vapes to get the current 6 million+ smokers to quit traditional cigarettes amongst other remedies.

Vaping has become extremely popular in the UK and has grown year on year for the last decade and there are several reasons why –

Smell – Cigarette smoke gets into everything and no matter how many aerosols, perfumes or candles you might use there will always be a lingering smell that will stick to everything.

Cost – The average cost of a packet of cigarettes has now hit over £10-00 per pack and if your consuming 20 per day that’s a total of £3650-00 per year you’re spending which is a huge amount of money. By vaping you could reduce your costs to as little as £400-00 per year saving you enough for a lovely holiday or other reward.

Health Benefits – Did you know that by quitting smoking you can improve your sense of smell, taste and become fitter in the process. It may take a while to achieve but imagine being able to run a mile without coughing or wheezing in as little as 3 months from the moment you quit. Over seven thousand chemicals in cigarettes means you are poisoning yourself and although vaping is still using the lungs there are nowhere near as many toxins or chemicals so you can rest assured that you will start to feel great within a short time.

Not only will you save money, improve your health, make your home smell better but there are also the implications on the people around you too. A few of the members of Vapeology used to also be heavy smokers and we have all moved over to the vape. If we can do it anyone can. Why not get in touch today to discuss your quitting smoking adventure.

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