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Best Vape Box Mods to Buy 2022

Best Vape Box Mods to Buy 2022

Matthew Abercrombie |

‏‏If you're in the market for a new vape box mod, you will find that there are a lot of great options to pick from. However, because of the many available choices, choosing one can be a bit tricky. Fortunately, we have gathered some of the best to help you choose. So read on to find out which one would be best for you from our list of best box mods 2021.

‏1. Lost Vape Hyperion DNA100C Box Mod


Lost Vape Hyperion DNA100C Box Mod

The Hyperion DNA100C is the most recent offering from Lost Vape. This brand is a household name when it comes to box mods. As you might expect, it is one of the best ones to get on the market today. It features advanced vaping technology contained in a zinc alloy body and wrapped in luxurious leather.‏


‏The Lost Vape Hyperion DNA100C box mod offers three battery options. You can either choose a 18650, 20700, or 21700 battery which gives it a maximum power output of 100W. ‏


‏The mod features a 0.96" display that enables you to monitor all your vaping data and fine-tune the wattage and temperature settings. Apart from the fantastic display, the Lost Vape DNA100C makes use of the newest DNA100C Chip. It is also IP68 rated, meaning that it’s water, shock, and dust-proof.‏

‏Safety Features‏

● ‏Atomizer Protection‏

● ‏Low Resistance Protection‏

● ‏Overheat Protection‏

● ‏Low Voltage Step-Down Protection,‏

● ‏Reverse Polarity Protection.‏


● ‏Measures 95mm by 44.5mm by 34.5mm‏

● ‏Voltage Output Range: 0.2-9.0V‏

● ‏Resistance Range: 0.1-3.0ohm‏

● ‏Temperature Range: 200°-600°F‏

● ‏Boost Mode‏

● ‏Replay Mode‏

● ‏Intuitive Firing Button‏

● ‏Type-C USB Port‏

● ‏Threaded 510 Connection‏

‏2. HellVape Arez 120 Box Mod


HellVape Arez 120 Box Mod


‏This is a sleek and stylish box mod ideal for those looking for a big cloud vape. It’s a single battery-powered mod compatible with a 18650, 20700, or 21700 battery. Unfortunately, like most box mods, the HellVape Arez does not come with a battery in the box. This means the battery must be bought separately.‏


‏The HellVape Arez box mod has a compact and durable design, and it features a single USB C charging port equipped with fast charging technology. In addition, it has most of the features that you would find in a cutting edge box mode, including the following:‏


● ‏120W max output wattage‏

● ‏Lightweight and compact‏

● ‏A minimalistic and streamlined design‏

● ‏Seven background colors‏

● ‏Supports a single 21700/20700/18650 battery‏

● ‏Type-C fast charging‏

● ‏Adopting UNIBODY technology‏


‏When you open the box, you will find a single Arez 120 mod, a 18650 battery adapter, one type-C cable, a user manual, and a warranty card.‏

‏3. Sigelei Laisimo F4 Box Mod


Sigelei Laisimo F4 Box Mod


‏When it comes to sub-ohm vaping, this box mod is miles ahead of all the other options. It is powered by quad 18650 batteries. However, like most of the mods on our list, it does not come with a battery. The mod has an impressive maximum output of 360W, making it one of the best on the market. There is also the option to use dual 18650 batteries. However, when using dual batteries, the power output is restricted to 220W.‏


‏This Box Mod features a sleek and minimalistic design. It features a 1.3" colour screen display that allows you to monitor all your vaping data and fine-tune your settings to achieve the best vaping experience.‏


‏This mod gives you great control over your vaping. For instance, you can tweak the temperature to match your vaping style. Apart from the cool features, the mod also has a lot of safety protections. These include the following:‏

● ‏High-Temperature Protection‏

● ‏Output short circuit protection‏

● ‏Working Overtime Protection,‏

● ‏Low and High Resistance Protection.‏


‏This mod is perfect for experienced individuals looking for a high-end model that delivers great flavours and massive clouds.‏


● ‏1.3" Colour Screen‏

● ‏Firmware upgrades‏

● ‏Resistance range 0.05Ω - 3.0Ω‏

● ‏510 threading connection‏


‏Inside the box, you will find the mod, a warranty, a user manual, and a single type C charging cable. ‏

‏4. Lost Vape Grus 100W Box Mod


Lost Vape Grus 100W Box Mod


‏This is the latest and best offering from Lost Vape. This external battery mod has many exciting and cool features that make it one of the best vape mods on the market. In addition, it comes packed with various vaporizer features, including temperature control. ‏


‏This mod is perfect for someone who is looking for an upgrade to their regular vaping gear. It is a high-end mod that is quite durable. If you are a cloud fan or nicotine vaper, then this is the box mod for you.‏


● ‏TFT color display screen‏

● ‏Type C Fast Charging‏

● ‏Temperature Control‏

● ‏Adjustable wattage with a 100Watt maximum output‏

● ‏Three battery options - 18650 / 20700 / 21700‏

● ‏Ohm Resistance Range - 0.1ohm - 5 ohm‏


‏You will find a single Grus Box Mod, a 18650 Battery Adaptor, a warranty, and a single user manual inside the box. It also comes with a type C fast charging cable. ‏

‏5. Steam Crave Titan PWM V1.5 Box Mod

Steam Crave Titan PWM V1.5 Box Mod

This is a mod for individuals who are looking for something extraordinary. It’s powered by 4x 18650 batteries, and it has a top output of 300W. You also have the option of choosing dual 18650 batteries.‏


‏This mod features an upgraded fire switch that serves a dual function, to fire and to tweak the voltage as well. As you might expect from such a powerful mode, it comes packed with many safety features put in place to protect both the device and the vaper:‏

● ‏Low Voltage Protection‏

● ‏Short Circuit Protection‏

● ‏Overtime Protection‏


‏This mod makes a good first impression. It looks like something that packs a lot of power and fortunately, the looks match its power output. ‏


● ‏Size: 41 x 41 x 108mm‏

● ‏Voltage Range: 0.1V-8.4V‏

● ‏Max Power: 300W‏

● ‏Input Current: 45A‏

● ‏Output Current: 60A‏

● ‏Firing Speed: 25ms‏

● ‏510 Thread‏


‏These are the best vape box mods to buy in 2021. Each one comes with its unique features, which makes it stand out from the rest. However, all of them are high-end, and they pack a lot of power. 

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