Who Has The Best RY4 E liquid?

who has the best ry4 e liquid?

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RY4 e liquid is a connoisseur's tobacco vape juice that has been a popular alternative to the classic tailormade cigarette flavour, for coming up to close to a decade. But who has the best RY4 e liquid? That is what this guide is going to attempt to answer with what we think is the very best RY4.

What is RY4?

RY4 e liquid, gets its name from the tobacco formula created by Ludo Timmermans of the e-cig manufacturer Dekang in 2013.

While looking for a new tobacco flavour, he planned a 10 phase test, with one being unsweetened and 10 being very sweet. When Ludo got to the 4th formula he found a taste he felt was perfect. This was marked as Ruyan nr4. With Ruyan being the name of the flavour lab.

Not exactly something that rolls off the tongue, the formula was shortened to RY4.

And that is a brief history of the origins behind the name.

What flavour is RY4?

The RY4 flavour contains three primary notes:

1. Vanilla
2. Tobacco
3. Caramel

The proportions of those flavours vary according to different recipes, as many companies have now jumped on the bandwagon and produced their own versions. Therefore leading to the question - who has the best RY4 e liquid?

Who makes RY4 E liquid?

A lot of companies make RY4 liquid, from the early Chinese manufacturers to small vape flavour houses in the UK, such as Zeus Juice's ZY4 and Cotton and Kanthal. Zeus being the one we are going to put our weight behind with this RY4 review.

Who makes the best RY4 in our opinion?

Well we mentioned the brand Zeus's juices, and this UK manufacturer that makes liquids for all types of vaping kits has their own take on this particular flavour. Known as ZY4 is not just good value, it is also highly reviewed and incredibly popular amongst UK tobacco vape fans.

What makes it so special?

Well if you're looking for a flavour that keeps its quality, whether its in salt nicotine or high VG, or even just in regular mouth to lung liquid style then ZY4 ticks the boxes.

  • Available in all liquid formats
  • Highly reviewed
  • Diacetyl free

the best ry4 e liquid

Who makes the best RY4 with High VG?

There is probably a good number of brands (or supporters ) of other RY4s that will line up to disagree, such as Hangsen vape or Vampire Vape Sweet Tobacco fans, but they don't do it in higher vegetable glycerin (VG). 

If you want to know who makes the best RY4 in High VG then for us it's the same recurring theme all the way through - Zeus Juice. While big bottles do exist, they are hard to get their hands on, which is the only downside, but we do have a plentiful supply of their 10ml version. It works in a range of vapes, and is absolute all-round champion RY4.

Who makes the best RY4 for beginners?

awarded winner

For beginners, we are going to opt for another name here, and that's Ohm Brew with their Tobacco Ziggicig. Available in 10ml with nicotine or with salt nic, these higher PG liquids work perfectly in a pod stick or beginner vaporiser, so are great for those looking to come off smoking. 

With it's subtle nutty flavour making it sweeter than conventional tobacco, it has a strong following amongst those who quit a while back and can't hack the taste of normal cigarette flavour. 

Where can I buy RY4?

Along with our range of tobacco-style juices you can pop in store, click and collect or grab here online. Either way, head over to juices selection and filter away:

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