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Uwell are one of the leading e-cigarette and vaping brands in the UK. With strong focus on ergonomics, high-end design styles and range of vaporisers, the Uwell vape kit covers usability needs whatever your level of vaping knowledge. From the Uwell vape pen such as the Caliburn, to their vape mods and Crown tanks - they leave no stone unturned in their desire to eclipse the highest standards.

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Where is Uwell Vape Based?

Uwell is a Shenzhen based vape gear manufacturer. They began their trailblazing in 2015 when they dropped the early Crown tank onto the market. It was a massive success, a sub-tank with huge flavour and big cloud. Being more attentive to the needs of the advanced vaper meant they attracted a name as a vaping manufacturer of note.

Is Uwell a good vape brand?

A quick google search to see whether Uwell is a good vape brand, shows reviews between 4.8 and 5 when searching for Uwell vape pen. For Uwell vape kit, one leading outlet has a 5 star score with 160 reviews. That's a brand with very little negative opinion. So, yes, Uwell in the UK is hugely respected.

Uwell Vape Types

Uwell the e-cig brand produces a wide range of vape products, including:

  • Tanks
  • Pod Sticks
  • Mods

Known in particular for the Crown, Valyrian, Amulet and Caliburn bits of kit, remember the vape watch? That was Uwell.

How long do Uwell Pods Last?

If you are looking at Uwell pod kits then a common question is about how long the Uwell pods last. The lifespan of a pod will vary depending on the liquids used, the length of vaping sessions, how much power involved and also how often you let it run dry. Some liquids are sweeter or thicker than others, which means the Uwell pod is put through more work. But on average we estimate between 7-14 days pod life.

Uwell vs Juul

Uwell vs Juul, we know is a question that many newer vapers ask. While Juul in the US focuses on high nicotine strength salt pods for people who don't want to refill, or perhaps who don't care about value shopping. Uwell on the other hand is very much focused on refill juice systems. This appreoach to refill pods and tanks means huge value for money and where the high nicotine 50mg pods are not legal in the UK - it's not a choice when making a buying decision here anyway.

When it comes to bang for your buck, or economic reasons, Uwell beats Juul. If you want something super thin and prefilled, then Juul is possibly for you. But the discreet vape is not something exclusive to Juul, as you can see from our broad range of stealthy choices.

As an independent store we take no natural sides, we just compare Uwell vs Juul to give you our honest take. If you want a prefilled, 50mg pod, then few do it like Juul, but if you want refillable, financially lower cost, higher power and bigger industry credibility, then Uwell wins all day long.