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Best Squonk Mods Online

A squonk mod is a mech mod, that lets you apply e-liquid to your rebuildable dripping atomiser (RDA), by squeezing the base of the unit, rather than dripping it on the top. It brings the convenience of a conventional e-cig to mech life.

What's the difference between a squonk mod and squonk kit?

There is really no difference between a squonk kit and a squonk mod, save for one thing. A squonk mod doesn't generally come with the top attachment. Consider the mod to be a description of the base only.

What makes a Squonk Tank?

A squonk tank is as mentioned above, any rebuildable atomiser that has a feeder base tube in, that connects to a squonk refill bottle. This is sometimes marked as a 'Squonk Pin'. Not every tank can be a squonk tank, you can always check with us first if you're unsure.

The squonk pin is in many cases a small little screw/tip that comes out through the tank base thread. These can generally be closed up to use in non-squonkable squonk mods also.

Is a Squonk Mod unregulated?

Not all squonkers are unregulated, but there certainly are some unregulated squonk mods on the market. Squonking mods like the topside Squonk as featured here, have built-in features and safety checks. This makes it regulated. In essence, it's regulated to a level that ensures safe squonking.

What is the best squonk mod?

The best squonk mod 2020 is widely considered to be the Dovpo Topside Squonk. With its ergonomic shape, digital display screen and regulated features, it has won many plaudits for being a form of safe squonking. 

Dovpo are a Chinese brand that has focused heavily on mechanical kits in the last 12 months and they have a broad range of Topside squonk mods, that we recommend as the best squonk mods 2020 has seen.

Are Squonk Mods Safe?

Squonk mod safety and general unregulated device safer vaping tips are covered in our guide below. Well worth a read if you need a bit of help in your advanced vaping journey: