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Nasty Juice Nasty Fix Disposable Vape are a compact vape kit, pre-charge and pre-filled with tasty Nasty Juice Nic Salt E-Liquid. Ready to use straight out of the box, they are great for those just giving up smoking as well as experienced vapers looking for a vape kit they can slip into a pocket or bag.

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Is Nasty Juice good?

Nasty Juice is a hugely credible brand that originates along with the demand for a cooler fresh fruit style vape flavour. Their liquids have won countless awards around the world and now they are available in a disposable vape kit!

    What are the Nasty Fix Disposable flavours?

    Nasty Fix Disposable Vapes come in a range of great flavours, from fruits, dessert to tobaccos. In-store we stock the best Nasty Juice flavours, such as:
    Cush Man
    Slow Blow
    A$ap Grape
    Vanilla Tobacco aka Bronze
      The best Nasty Fix Disposable flavour in 2021 is Cush Man!

      How long does a Nasty Disposable vape last?

      Nasty Disposable Vapes last on average approximately 300 puffs, great if you are just giving up smoking and cheaper!

      Is Nasty Fix good?

      We have thoroughly tested all disposable vape kits on the market and have decided to retail two devices, with Nasty Fix being one of them. The device itself is of great quality and the flavours are amazing. The device lasts and is compact and simple to vape straight out of the box with no mess.