What Is Premium E Liquid

What Is Premium E Liquid

Matthew Abercrombie |

In general, premium e-liquids provide a more satisfying e-cigarette experience. But how do you know the e-liquids you purchase can rightfully claim to be a premium product?

Premium e-liquids contain high-grade pharmaceuticals and quality food ingredients. However, not all e-liquids marketed as premium quality can justify the claim. Or the price tag.

It makes sense to have a broad range of flavours (although the recent TPD’s may limit future choices) and vaping manufacturers are accomplished at creating enjoyable and satisfying flavours. Most premium e-liquids are pre-made with base ingredients and then put through a steeping process to add unique flavouring.

In order to create custom flavours, e-liquid manufacturers have to design and test extracts independently using scientific technology. As you can imagine, the costs involved in making these unique flavourings is pretty high; thus the cost of premium e-liquid products carry a higher price tag too.

Premium e-Liquids v standard liquids

You will know whether you are buying a premium e-liquid or a standard e-liquid by the price. Prices for standard juices start from as little as £1, but typically £4 for a 5ml bottle. Premium e-juices are two or three times more expensive.

As a general rule, premium e-liquids offer a better quality taste, thus a more enjoyable smoking experience. Having said that, there is little consistency. Enjoyment really comes down to personal preference.

For example, you may enjoy a cheap standard e-liquid, but buy a premium liquid you don’t enjoy as much. However, when you find a premium liquid you do like the taste of, you can noticeably taste the difference in superior quality.

What you should look for is the ingredients. All e-liquids are made from three base ingredients; nicotine, Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). These ingredients are not rated standard or premium quality and are equal across the board and in every bottle.

How premium e-liquids are graded

Premium e-liquids are therefore classed in relation to the uniqueness of flavouring, the packaging and the superior quality of manufacturing. For example, e-juices manufactured across most of Europe and the US have a better grade of pharmaceuticals and engineering than e-liquids coming out of China. Don’t pay premium prices for Chinese products.

Some retailers will charge more for e-liquids sold in glass bottles than they charge for plastic bottles. The reasoning for this is because plastic can contaminate the flavour. Whilst this is true in rare circumstances, claims made by retailers are anaemic if manufacturers deliver the product to retailers in plastic bottles. Some retailers are merely converting the e-juices to glass bottles post-delivery to drive up the price.

One of the benefits for consumers under the new provisions of the Tobacco Products Directive (and there aren’t many), is that manufacturers and retailers have to clearly stipulate what ingredients have been used to make the e-juice solution.

The new quality control measures offer protection for consumers against overpaying for e-liquids that are falsely marketed as premium. That doesn’t mean you still won’t sometimes by a premium product you don’t enjoy. Taste is subjective.

Purchasing e-liquids for the first time is no different from trying any product or experience for the first time. You have to try it to determine whether you like it. All you should be concerned with is whether you are actually paying premium prices for e-juices that can justifiably be labelled as a premium product.

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