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Shopping for the N One vape line? Then check out our line of N One disposable pods online or pop in store and see them for yourself. Buy N One vape in the UK with us.

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What is N One Vape?

N One vape is a range of disposable vaping sticks, that offer a fantastic way to enter the world of vape pens. They are great for newer vapers, or those who need a little spare kit for travelling or on a night out.

They are from the UK and their N One disposable pod vapes are TPD compliant. This means they have been tested, approved and regulated.

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What nicotine strength is N One?

N One use nicotine salt within their pods, and they have the following specifications:

  • 2ml
  • 20mg
  • Usable for 300 puffs

What is the best N One flavour?

The most popular N One pod is their watermelon ice, followed by black ice. Not far behind is ice mint. For lovers of menthol cigarettes, this may be the perfect first step.

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How long do N One pods last?

An N One pod lasts around 300 puffs. It is suggested that 200 puffs is equivalent to a box of 20 cigarettes. So whereas wider known brands such as Juul state their's last for 200 puffs, you are getting 50% more with N One. If you used to smoke 10 a day, that means an N One can provide you with 3 days of need.

Where to buy N One pods near me?

If you are based in Kent, then you can always take a trip down to our brick and mortar vape store, but if you have been searching 'where to buy N one near me?' and aren't close to our store, you can always buy N One online with us here.