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Liquid Junkie E-liquid

Buy Liquid Junkie e-liquid online with Vapeology. If you are new to the Liquid Junky brand, let's crack open a few of the basics. For everyone else, shop away.

Who is Liquid Junkie?

Liquid Junkie is a UK based manufacturer of British Vape Juice. Their juice is made for cloud chasers and comes in larger bottles than you might see in a convenience store. In short, these aren't 10ml bottles. With Liquid Junkie we are talking the following specs - read on.

Liquid Junkie Eliquid Specification

  • 70% VG - Sub Ohm Style Liquid
  • 100ml Vape Juice 
  • Shortfilled for the addition of nicotine to 3mg
  • Comes as standard without nicotine

Best Liquid Junkie Eliquid

Just like any brand of juice we stock, we are often asked, what's the best. So if you want to cut to the chase and know what is the best liquid junkie eliquid, then take a look at this variety.

  • Remixed Strawberry Shake 100ml

Why is Remixed Strawberry Shake, the best liquid junkie eliquid? Simple, it's the one we struggle to keep the shelf loaded with.