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What is CBD Hive E-liquid?

CBD Hive e-liquid is a US made, full-spectrum CBD vape juice. Made with full plant extract, infused in vapable solutions, this means it is what you may call a cannabis vape. 

Is CBD Hive E-liquid Legal in the UK?

CBD Hive E-liquid is legal in the UK, this is because while it is made with full-spectrum CBD vape juice, it is below the legal level of 0.2% THC. CBD vape oils above 0.2% are considered psychoactive substances and therefore cannot be sold in the United Kingdom.

What is Full Spectrum CBD Vape Juice?

Full-spectrum CBD vape juice, means the CBD Hive vape oil is made from the full plant extract. Unlike other liquids, CBD Hive is not made from isolate. There are some studies that suggest, CBD from the full plant extract, may carry additional benefits.

Source: The Case For The Entourage Effect - PubMed

What is the specification of CBD Hive?

CBD Hive being a broad CBD product, comes in a few versions to suit different tastebuds and needs:

  • Oils
  • CBD Liquid
  • 200 mg
  • 600 mg
  • 1200 mg

What are the benefits of CBD Hive?

At Vapeology, we make a point of not professing to be medical experts. So in line with our policy on responsible CBD Hive retail, we recommend the following resource for more advice on the use of CBD.

Source: Harvard Study on Cannabidiol (CBD)